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Whenever we are engaged in picking a suitable place to visit, several possibilities appear in our minds. Some people are more likely to spend their time relaxing by the mountain, while others simply prefer going to the beach. Therefore, those who feel more willing to enjoy, relax and get away at the same time should consider all the options available regarding beaches and coasts in Spain. Additionally, those who believe themselves to be in the middle, not the mountain type neither the beach fanatic, may indeed find one that attracts them the most.

Fortunately, Spain has a range of possibilities to offer, and for that reason, it is considered very appealing. You may find beaches from the most well-known coasts, which sometimes become a must-do on the itinerary, to the ones where you can experience a never-ending spring. However, a point which may at times discourage people from deciding to go to Spain is this idea of going to a country in which its population speaks an entirely different language. Surprisingly, there is also a solution for those who are more reticent to the idea of choosing Spain due to the language barrier. There are Spanish schools in Barcelona where you can enrol and learn the language, attending courses either in the school’s facilities or online.

Courses in the facilities can be in groups, intensive, private, or combined, and there are also online private and group courses. So, after the Spanish course in Barcelona, you can go and stay on one of the most popular beaches in this fantastic city.

First, the most well-known ones are The Barceloneta, Mar Bella, Nova Icaria and Bogatell, which have been included in tourists’ itineraries for many years. People go to Barcelona every time of the year, but the peak season for bathing is March to November. The thing about peak season is that Barcelona may be full of people, but as I said before, you can go any time of the year, depending on what you wish to enjoy.

All the beaches in Spain offer services typical to a town beach, perfect for those who travel with small children. La Barceloneta goes along the promenade to the Olympic port in the renowned and old maritime neighbourhood under the same name. This excellent beach has two beaches at each end: one near the Olympic Port with Paseo Marítimo Beach and the other near Puerto de Barcelona with San Sebastiá Beach. These beaches have a team of patrolling lifeguards from the local police, particularly in the summer and peak season. It is a favourite amongst our foreign visitors and perfect for those who love family vacations.

Mar Bella is the beach located between Nova Mar Bella and Bogatell. It is a suitable beach for those who like practising water sports, like windsurfing, kayak, and also frequented by young people. The latter, Bogatell, is more significant than Nova Icaria and is considered the safe place to go by rollerblades, cyclists and joggers. Unfortunately, that means that it is not a place where you will find many restaurants or bars to go to and have some tapas accompanied by a pint.

Warm Beaches

There are also beaches in Spain that have a never-ending spring season without the intense heat of the summer. If you decide to go in winter, leave your winter clothes in your cupboard at home because the weather is utterly pleasant. These welcoming places are Costa del Sol, Cabo de Gata in Andalusia, Canary Islands, and Costa Blanca are even better if you go between October and May.

The calm of life by the sea is also a point favouring some beaches located in the North of Spain. They are considered very enchanting coastal villages in Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria. Fishing boats coming into port, the fish market, and nets piles on the dock are commonplace, and its charm comes from being able to eat the freshest and autochthonous seafood you can imagine. Beach life has been kept in its purest form.

However, suppose the quietness you are searching for is related to lazing on a beach in Spain. In that case, the places where the sun shines the most, where the sand feels good to the touch and where you can finally accomplish the desire of taking a dip, well, you may want to be on the Mediterranean Sea, The Cantabrian or the Atlantic Ocean. No matter where you are, the beach will surely be fabulous. Some of them are Ses Illetes Beach, Formentera (Balearic Islands), As Catedrais beach, Ribadeo (Lugo)— also known as “The Cathedrals” once you see it you will see the reason for its name.  La Concha beach, Donosti-San Sebatián (Gipuzkoa, Basque Country), Bolonia beach, Tarida (Cadiz, Andalusia), this is full of sand dunes along the endless coast; El Cofete beach, Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), Cala Bassa Cove, Ibiza (Balearic Islands) this beach is surrounded by a pine forest and is very tempting to stroll along its shore. There are many more, but this should be like a detailed outline where you can find many environments to enjoy and chill out.

The beaches are the reason why many people decide to travel around the world. The list and the brief description according to the likes and dislikes of many people are challenging to cover. However, most people’s preferences more or less have been covered, beaches for sunbathing, beaches with a unique taste, beaches for meeting new people, and those for spending time relaxing with very light clothes. And all these after having taken some courses to avoid feeling nervous when trying to ask for some directions, when trying to buy some food and, obviously, when trying to meet new people. Having some knowledge of the country’s language you are about to visit is an excellent advantage. Not everyone can travel to a foreign country to practice the language with natives and in its purer sense.

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