Best Travel Tips and Requirements Travelling to The USA

Are you planning to travel to the USA? This country, with a rich history dating back more than 200 years, leads the entire world in nearly every industry. This is why the USA remains one of the hottest travel spots for international tourists. But you must fulfill a few requirements before visiting the United States of America.

For instance, one common question intending travelers usually ask is, ’how long is an ESTA valid for?’ This article highlights some of the best travel tips to bear in mind before visiting God’s own country.

Best travel tips to keep in mind

Here are some of the best travel tips to keep in mind as you prepare to travel to the United States:

Packing a suitcase

Make sure you don’t pack perishable stuff in your suitcase. Whatever liquid you want to bring with you should come in 100ml bottles or less. It shouldn’t exceed one liter.

You can also carry as much as $10,000 undeclared cash in your suitcase. However, ensure you check with the authorities so that you don’t contravene any new regulations.


Suppose you are taking electronics like a computer, hairdryer, etc., or any device that requires to be plugged in. In that case, you will need to consider two things.

First, people in the United States have – and use – voltage at 110. This may cause electronics to load a bit slower than you are used to or even have less power, i.e., 220v. You can fix this problem by getting a transformer that ranges from 220v to 110v.

Secondly, the pins used in the United States differ somewhat from regular pins. Therefore, ensure you pack a universal adapter along with you. You can also purchase one at any convenience store as soon as you land in the States.

If you purchase any electronics in the States at 110v, don’t forget to buy a transformer before plugging it in a country that usually goes up to 220v. If you don’t, you can burn or break the electronic device.

Tipping service providers in the States

The United States of America is a great nation where tipping is practically a lifestyle. Therefore, don’t be surprised to see it slipped into your ticket. This practice is more common in restaurants.

Tipping is somewhat mandatory in the States since most servers collect meager salaries. Therefore, those tips effectively complement what the servers earn.

You can leave between 15 percent and 20 percent of the bill, especially if you’re thrilled with the customer service. But if not, leaving 10 percent is not a bad idea.

Other service providers that expect tips from travelers include:

  • Room service (15-20 percent)
  • Tour guides ($5 to $10)
  • Taxi drivers (15 percent)
  • The person that hauls your suitcase to your room, i.e., hotel room ($5)

You should also observe other situations tipping is required. If you spot someone leaving a tip in a particular case, consider leaving a tip, too.

Requirements for traveling to the States

The ESTA application – or a VISA – is the number one thing you need to travel to the States, especially from Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia. But you must be eligible for this. Your passport will also determine the option available to you.

ESTA: A vital requirement

The ESTA electronic visa is a unique type of visa you can only get after answering and completing a questionnaire.

You have to undergo this crucial procedure not less than 72 hours before your planned trip. But it is recommended that you do this a couple of months earlier or in advance.

You can do this via the official website, which costs $14. This electronic visa is valid for two years.

The procedure for those who need a VISA is different. You will have to undertake the process well in advance in the US. Embassy or Consulate in your country.

Suppose you own a UK, Australian, or European passport; you can secure the ESTA electronic visa to travel to the States. Failure to fulfill this requirement will prevent you from entering the States.


You will need an electronic passport that is valid for more than six months from the date of your planned trip to the United States. This validity is subject to change, depending significantly on where your passport is.

Traveler register

Registration for travelers is not forced but voluntary. This is an excellent idea, especially if your location is prone to natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, etc., or a place of conflict.

Registering as a traveler is an excellent way of being located in periods of emergency, making it easy for the authorities to get in touch.


These are some of the best travel tips and requirements for traveling to the United States. Keep these travel tips and requirements in mind to ensure a smooth traveling experience to the USA!

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