Is Bali A Country? A City? An Island? What is it?!

So, is Bali a country? NO. Bali is not a country. Bali is an island within the country of Indonesia. So, nope, Bali is NOT an independent country. The reason people often mistake Bali for being its own country is that culturally, and religiously, it differs from the rest of Indonesia. That and the fact that it has its own international airport too (Ngurah Rai International Airport). So people can generally skip flying via Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta.

INTERESTED IN COUNTRIES? Wondering if Bali is a country is a common question, much like people wondering if Dubai is a country (also no). Read about that here.

Sidemen bali
Sidemen, Bali

Where is Bali

Bali is located in central Indonesia, in South East Asia, in the continent of Asia.

What Is the Capital of Bali?

The Capital of Bali is Denpasar (population 900,000). Just 10 minutes south of Denpasar is the tourist town of Kuta, which’s where Bali’s international airport is.

Bali itinerary
Bali itinerary; hiking mount batur

Is Bali Safe to Travel?

Bali is a very safe destination for travelers, including solo female travelers. It’s hugely popular for tourists, and because of that, there are efficient tourist infrastructures in place, from airport transfers,s to luxury hotels.

Like any popular destination in the developing world, there are some small issues with pick-pockets, and over-priced tourist scams, but nothing too serious.

Indonesia is a Muslim country, but Bali is Hindu. Previously there was friction due to the party nature of the island, at odds with the rest of the country, but there have been no serious issues in more than a decade. Most danger now comes from riding scooters and drunk tourists. So make sure you have the best travel insurance – I use safety wing for $10 a week!

bali itinerary
Bali itinerary; 10 Days in Bali

What Religion is Bali?

Indonesia is the highest populated Muslim country in the world with 300 million people. However, Bali, as an island, is Hindu, not Muslim. This is why alcohol, bikinis, etc are widespread across Bali.

What’s the population of Bali?

The population of Bali is 4.3 million. It’s also become a huge hit spot for Instagrammers and YouTubers. Much like Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Bali gates of heaven
This is the REAL Bali gates of heaven, without the fake reflection!

Best Time to Visit Bali

Bali has two main seasons: the dry season, which runs between May and September and the rainy season, which runs between October and April.

Western summers are peak season, especially August and September. Christmas and New Year are also super busy. Australians also visit during school holidays in early April, late June, and late September. Expect Bali to be super full during these times.

Anytime outside of that, Bali can be surprisingly quiet.

is bali a country
Beautiful Bali

Final thoughts on if Bali is a Country?

I’ve been living in South East Asia for more than 10 years, and while my base is in Thailand, I love Bali (and most of Indonesia). When you plan your Bali Itinerary, try to also add in some things to do in Lombok, including climbing Mount Rinjani, and the Gili Islands. An awesome extra to your trip. It’s really easy to get around Bali by taxi. And if you want to hop between islands, there are ferries and speedboats to help.

FAQ about is Bali A Country?

To recap, and answer any other issues about Bali being a country or not, check this out:

Is Bali a country?

A: No, Bali is not a country. It is actually an Indonesian island located in Southeast Asia.

Which country is Bali located in?

A: Bali is located in Indonesia, which is a country comprised of thousands of islands, including Bali.

Is Bali an independent nation?

A: No, Bali is not an independent nation. It is a part of the larger nation of Indonesia.

Why is there confusion about Bali’s status as a country?

A: There might be confusion due to Bali’s popularity as a tourist destination and its distinct cultural identity within Indonesia. This can sometimes lead people to question if it’s a separate country.

What is Bali known for?

A: Bali is known for its beautiful beaches, lush landscapes, vibrant culture, and rich Hindu traditions. It’s a popular destination for tourism, attracting millions of visitors each year.

What is the capital of Bali?

A: The capital of Bali is Denpasar.

How big is Bali compared to other Indonesian islands?

A: Bali is relatively small compared to other Indonesian islands, but it holds a significant place in terms of culture, tourism, and economic activities.

Can I travel to Bali without a visa?

A: Visa requirements vary based on your nationality. Many nationalities can enter Bali and Indonesia without a visa for a certain period, while others might need to obtain a visa on arrival or in advance.

Is Bali a sovereign state?

A: No, Bali is not a sovereign state. It is a province within the Republic of Indonesia.

Are there any unique customs or traditions in Bali?

A: Yes, Bali has a unique cultural identity with its traditional ceremonies, art, music, and dance. The Balinese people follow a blend of Hinduism and local customs.

Can I visit other parts of Indonesia from Bali?

A: Yes, you can easily travel to other parts of Indonesia from Bali. Bali has an international airport with connections to various cities in Indonesia and around the world.

Are there other notable islands in Indonesia?

A: Yes, Indonesia is an archipelago with over 17,000 islands. Some other notable islands include Java (home to Jakarta, the capital), Sumatra, Borneo, and Sulawesi.

What languages are spoken in Bali?

A: The primary language spoken in Bali is Balinese, but Bahasa Indonesia (the official language of Indonesia) is widely spoken and understood, especially in tourist areas.

Which Ocean is Bali in?

Bali is situated in the Indian Ocean. It is part of the Indonesian archipelago and is surrounded by the Indian Ocean to the south.

What Are Bali’s Neighboring Countries?

Bali’s neighboring countries and islands are are:

  1. Indonesia (Same Country): Bali is part of Indonesia, which is a country comprising thousands of islands, including Bali itself.
  2. Java (part of Indonesia): The neighboring island of Java is located to the west of Bali, and it is also part of Indonesia.
  3. Lombok (part of indonesia): To the east of Bali is the island of Lombok, another part of Indonesia.
  4. East Timor
  5. Malaysia

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