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I’m about to embark on my epic journey through Mongolia, Russia and Kazakhstan on the transsiberian railway. Trying to keep it cheap, I wanted to buy the tickets destination by destination as opposed to buying the whole thing in one purchase, it gives me a lot more freedom that way too. I can get off when and where I want, I’m not stuck to any specific dates etc.

Buying trans siberian tickets in bejing
Me buying my tickets!

If you wanna buy your train ticket from Beijing to Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia you don’t buy it at Beijing railway station. You have to buy it from the CITS (China International Travel Service) in the Beijing International Hotel. The hotel is only a 10 minute walk from the railway station.


The process only takes about 10 minutes, you need your passport number and cash, other than that it’s simple. Now I just wanna get going. Next stop, Mongolia!

beijing international hotel trans siberian tickets
This hotel is 200m from the subway

How to get to the ticket office:

Take the subway. Line 2, to Jiangoumen station. Take exit A and take a right out of the train station, walk about  200m to the ‘Beijing International Hotel’. Walk into the lobby, take a left and the office is right there. They speak great English and it’s open 7 days a week.

Don’t buy it online, and don’t buy it from any 3rd party agencies. Do it yourself! It’s easy  and cheaper.

If all else fails, show the pic below to the taxi driver:

beijing international hotel train tickets

CITS trans siberian tickets
The company that sells the tickets

How much is the train from Beijing to Ulaan Baatar?

There are 3 classes of train, 1st class, soft sleeper and hard sleeper. The prices are as follows:

1st class:                      2241RMB/$355

Soft Sleeper:              2056RMB/$326

Hard Sleeper:            1430RMB/$226


You can only pay in cash (no cards) and only in Chinese currency. There’s an international ATM in the hotel.

I chose hard sleeper, which is great. You have a private 4 bed cabin, sheets, pillows etc. definitely the best value for money.


How long does the train from Beijing to Ulaan Baatar take?

It leaves at 8.05am from Beijing Railway Station, and arrives in Ulaan Baatar 2pm the following day. So about eighteen hours or so.


What days does the train go from Beijing to Ulaan Baatar?

The train runs twice a week, on the Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.


So if you’re ready to…..

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5) Be free of offices and ‘real world’ rubbish

Then Sign Up Below and Let’s Get Started!


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6 thoughts on “How to Buy Your Trans Siberian Train Tickets in Beijing, China

  1. Hi Johnny
    I am hoping to do this trip in Summer 2013, around July time, and was just wondering how easy it is to get onto the trains at this time? One person told me it gets so busy in the summer you have to book ages in advanced. Is this true, or can I just turn up at the CITS and get a ticket there and then?

    Thanks alot, great articles


  2. Dude, love the idea always wondered about this idea. Will you be posting more on how to continue your trip, prices, destinations on same page or have you already?

    1. hey mate, i’ve posted loads in the Russia section, just click on the russia or transsiberian tags, let me know if u have any questions 🙂

    1. hey ian, no probs mate 🙂 good luck on your trip, i hear your going with 2 dudes considerably more awesome than you

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