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If the thought of munching down on some lambs penis for dinner gets you going, then I’ve got a trest for you! Donghuamen night market is the pimp daddy of all weird street food, with starfish, spiders, bees, dog, ostrich and centipedes all on the menu. Yum.

donghuamen night market
eating lambs penis, aaaaagh

This is the second time I’ve been here, so I promised myself I wouldn’t eat any crazy stuff but peer pressure, macho bullsh*t rendered my promises redundant and before long I was shoving stuff in my face with vigour.

donghuamen night market beijing
The night market, at errmmm.., night

I started off easily on the starfish, it tasted ok although not much food there. I ramped it up to the ostrich after that, it was delicious. Then came the money shot – lambs penis and lambs testicles. Yum Yum. The mental anguish a guy goes through when chomping down on chilli-covered, grilled testicles is difficult to convey, but rest assured it messes with your head. The texture is exactly how you would imagine, let’s just leave it at that.

eating penis in china
Just about to munch down on the penis :S
lamsb testicles on a stick
Before grilling…

Alright, I’m off to bed. I’ll be brushing my teeth extra hard tonight. Happy travels!

eating frog in china
Frog on a stick
eating snake in china
Snake meat on the left, snake skin on the right

eating spider in china

weird food in china

eating starfish in china

Where is Donguamen night market?

Right in the city centre, 10 minute walk from Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden city. You can take the subway to Tiananmen and walk.


What weird food do they have at Donghuamen night market?

Bloody everything! Silk worms, locusts, bees, dog, scorpion, cow and lamb penis, sheeps testicles, tarantulas, snakes, frogs I could go on and on!


Is it expensive?

Expect to barter. Prices start around 15RMB($2.50) for a cheap starfish, up to 80RMB ($13) for a tarantula!


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0 thoughts on “Eating Penis and Balls at Donghuamen Night Market in Beijing, China

  1. Starfish! Ha ha, I had no idea people ate those. What was the flavor of that like?

    Man, brave soul you are. I might have been able to eat it if I didn’t see the balls and rod prior to grilling.

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