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Anniversaries can be a nightmare, right? Especially if you’ve been together for a while. Trying to find something exciting that your partner’s going to love can be really stressful and you don’t want to make a mistake amd start an argument on the big day! There’s a whole lot of etiquette going on with anniversaries (there’s more about anniversaries that you can read on this page to help you avoid choosing the wrong gift) and it can all be a bit of a minefield. That’s why I’ve come to the conclusion that the one anniversary gift that’s never going to fail is… wait for it… the gift of travel! Who wouldn’t love to take a romantic trip with their partner to a wonderful destination where they can just connect and rekindle that passion?

So, the next question is, where to travel for your anniversary?

Taking An Anniversary Trip Down Under
If I had to choose the perfect anniversary vacation, I would have to say that Australia is the ideal spot. While other destinations may be more associated with romance and relaxation, such as Bali or The Maldives, I think you need something a little bit more stimulating from a break rather than just lying on a beach, and Australia offers so much to see and do that it makes for an unforgettable holiday.

An Australian Multi-Centre Break
Of course, if you decide to take an anniversary vacation to Australia, the next problem is where to visit. Many people underestimate just how enormous Australia actually is and are amazed to discover that takes around 5 days to drive from the east coast to the west, so traveling around takes some careful planning.

First, you need to decide what you’d like to do on your romantic break. Would you like to experience authentic culture, see stunning landscapes, relax in the sun or see exciting attractions? Are you a city person who loves shopping and the hustle and bustle of the center, or would you prefer to experience the outback and its unique ambience?

Many people prefer to get the best of both worlds by taking a train or a flight between two or three different destinations so that they can experience different aspects of the country. Sydney is an absolute must for some tourists who can’t wait to see the opera house and Sydney harbour bridge, and of course there’s the world famous Bondi Beach where you can soak in the sun. However, it isn’t all about the city, and head just an hour and half out of town and you’ll find yourself in the stunning Blue Mountains with their spectacular scenery. Why not pair this trip with a week in Cairns, best known as the gateway to The Great Barrier Reef – a perfect spot for sporty people who will love horse-riding on the beach, snorkeling with the stunning marine life or even white water rafting?

An Anniversary Themed Australian Break
Here’s another clever suggestion – how about arranging an Australian vacation for your anniversary that actually captures the theme of your anniversary year? You might have to think laterally here, but it’ll be well worth it when you see the look of surprise on your partner’s face, and you’ll certainly get brownie points for creativity!

If it’s your 25th anniversary, the theme is silver, so why not spend a few days exploring Australia’s Silver City, the area around Broken Hill in the far west of New South Wales? This famous desert town is a great starting point for exploring the outback and learning more about the country’s mining heritage.

If you’re celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary, the theme for the year is gold, so take a trip to the beautiful Gold Coast. From the gorgeous sands of Surfers Paradise to fun theme parks, and from the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary where you can get up close to kangaroos, koalas and crocodiles to the many world-class golf courses in this spectacular location, you’ll love to spend a luxury break in this fabulous spot.

Perhaps you’re celebrating your 45th anniversary? The gemstone associated with this year of marriage is sapphire, so where better to whisk your partner away to than Sapphiretown? Located in South Australia, just 75 miles from Adelaide, this is a relaxing destination with plenty of water-based activities from fishing and diving to coastal tours and kayaking.

These are just some of the more obvious destinations, however if it’s your wooden anniversary (for 5 years), there’s always Woodbury which is very close to Adelaide, or perhaps it’s your iron anniversary (6 years), in which case Ironmungy in New South Wales could be perfect for a few days of discovering the local heritage and scenery. These are just some of the possibilities that are open to you.

Have I convinced you that Australia is the perfect spot for an anniversary vacation? You’re sure to have an unforgettable time!


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