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While on holiday in Cyprus, you’d be mad not to sample the local cuisine. As with all cultures, it is a surefire way to experience the culture – as much for the social interaction as the action of actually eating the food. Pick a restaurant favoured by the locals, sit back and watch how they enjoy themselves. Chat to the waiter about the best things to do, sip the local wine. And all this before your meal actually arrives!

Eating out in Paphos is an event that deserves to be taken seriously. We’ll have none of that ‘Do you have any chips?’ nonsense here, thank you. There is an enormous spectrum of flavours available to you, some of which are absolute treasures. You’d better tell your neighbours to watch your mouth for you because your taste buds are going on holiday just as much as you are when you book  a Monarch Airlines flight to Cyprus. Check out any of the restaurants below for some authentic cuisine in Paphos.

Konia Taverna

When it comes to eating out for reasonable prices, the locals of Paphos generally head straight to their nearby taverna. For excellent Mediterranean food, you should do the same. Konia Taverna is particularly reasonable and serves up the Cypriot signature mezes, as well as appetising lamb chops, grilled chicken breast and marvellous mixed grills. A tantalising experience.

Araouzos Taverna

An age-old eatery located on the edge of the city in the beautiful village of Kathikas. It’s well worth the trip away from the centre for a chance to eat completely traditional cuisine, surrounded by the inspiring landscapes and rugged terrain that Cyprus is famous for. The dishes are made in a clay oven for authenticity. Visit on a Friday or Saturday evening to experience the ancient delicacy Suckling Pig.

Fettas Corner

Hidden in the Ktima area, this little-known eatery has a menu to be envied. If you don’t know what to order, they do an excellent 20-dish meze banquet that can be tailored to your tastes and includes a number of delights including spare ribs, pork in wine, sausages and snails. For pudding, order the loukoumades (honey doughnuts) and a local wine to while away the evening with. Perfect.

Seagull restaurant

If you’re thinking of classing up your eating experience a little, head to the Seagull restaurant, a venue that has become legendary throughout Paphos for its excellent Cypriot cuisine. Having been in business since 1935, they’ve had more than enough time to perfect their formula. The stifado, soutzoukakia, fish meze and steaks are particular highlights.

Sienna restaurant

For a restaurant with a view, head to Sienna, an open-air venue that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. It also features a rather relaxed atmosphere and a chef who has worked at a number of top London hotels. Presumably, he finds the climate in Cyprus preferable. Graze on mezes under a bewildering array of stars before moving onto a main dish and a dessert. Heaven in restaurant form.


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