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Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei

UPDATED DECEMBER 2020: Taipei, Taiwan is one of Asia’s most underrated cities. It’s modern, developed, great value with lots of fun stuff to see and do. And it’s quirky as hell. And nothing screams quirky like the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei! I had updated my FaceBook page to say I was off to Taipei to help promote an awesome bar there (Frank, overlooking Taipei 101, a must-do when you’re visiting Taiwan!), and I was inundated with DMs telling me to check out Modern Toilet Restaurant. It sounded right up my street, so I put it right at the top of my stuff to check out when I visited Taipei, so how was it? Pretty awesome!

Modern Toilet Restaurant Taipei
Tucking into some ermm… chocolate icecream for dessert at the Modern Toilet Restaurant!


What is the Modern Toilet Restaurant?!

Only in Asia, eh?! Tokyo, for too long, held the monopoly on weird Asian restaurants, so Taipei’s Modern Toilet Restaurant is here to fight back! It’s a restaurant/cafe/dessert place themed in a toilet space. The seats are real toilets, you drink coke out of mini urinals, the tables have toilet bowls with fake poo in them, even the couches are giant toilets. It’s all pretty crazy, but heh, it’s fun to try new things.

You don’t need a reservation generally unless it’s on holidays at peak times, even then a 10-minute wait should get you a table. Remember each person has to order a minimum of one thing. For Jaa and me for 1 drink, 1 main and 1 dessert the bill was about 500TWD ($15USD roughly) so it’s not too pricey at all.

Modern Toilet restaurant dessert

Modern Toilet restaurant dessert
Modern Toilet restaurant dessert
Modern toilet tapei
My coke and icecream at the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei

Modern toilet tapei

Where is the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei?!

It’s right in the heart of Taipei city, in Ximending. Longshan Temple, one of the main temples/things to see in Taipei is about a 20-minute walk from Modern Toilet, so for me, I took the train to Longshan and then walked through the shopping district back to the Modern Toilet Restaurant. If it’s too hot, or too far for you, to walk you can take the MRT (subway system) to Ximen stop, from there it’s just 350m!

Here’s what it looks like from outside, you can’t really miss the giant toilet staring right back at you.

Modern Toilet Restaurant
Outside Modern Toilet Restaurant

What are the opening hours of the Modern Toilet Restaurant?

It’s open 7 days a week for Lunch and Dinner:

Monday to Thursday: 11.30 to 22.00

Friday: 11.30 to 22.30

Saturday: 11.00 to 22.30

Sunday: 11.00 to 22.00

Modern Toilet Restaurant opening hours
Modern Toilet Restaurant opening hours

What’s the food like in the Modern Toilet Restaurant?

The food was actually pretty nice. Since turning vegetarian, I ordered a veggie pasta dish which was really tasty. The rules of the restaurant state that each person in your party must order 1 dish minimum, so my girlfriend and I ordered one main (the veggie paste) and 1 dessert (the chocolate ice cream/shaved ice monstrosity!).

After eating the pasta, the waitress delivered our little chocolate ‘poo’ ice cream, which I  assumed was the dessert I had ordered. I finished that, only to be presented with the largest dessert I’ve ever seen. Apparently, the little poo ice cream comes as standard with meals!

If you order non-veggie dishes, they come in the toilets, here’s the one from the girls next to me, followed by our desert in the last pic.

Modern Toilet restaurant food
Modern Toilet restaurant food
Modern Toilet restaurant
The complimentary ice cream poo!
Toilet restaurant
Modern Toilet restaurant dessert

Modern toilet tapei

Modern Toilet Restaurant Menu

*NOTE: $1USD = approximately 30 TWD (Taiwanese Dollars)

Modern Toilet Restaurant menu
Modern Toilet Restaurant menu
Modern Toilet Restaurant menu
Modern Toilet Restaurant menu


100% YES! I loved it, sure it’s a bit gross but it’s actually super clean and it’s all part of the fun, and part of what makes East Asia so special. The food was probably 6.5/10 but the atmosphere and vibe a solid 10. I would honestly put it in my top 5 things to in Taipei along with hiking Elephant Mountain, Mao Kong Gondola, Frank bar and Chiang Kai-Shek memorial.  If you tick these 5 off, you’ll have a great time in Taipei, enjoy!

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8 thoughts on “Eating Poo in the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan

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  2. This food is really nice.
    Everyone goes there and try to taste it really unforgettable.
    I am too excited for taste this food

  3. This food is really nice. Everyone goes there and try to taste it really unforgettable. And the chocolate ice cream is filled with full of cream and tasty, we enjoy too much.

  4. This is something very weird, that a food is served in the way of dirt.I am strictly against this all and would never promote such restaurant or stuff.

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