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Iceland is definitely one of those once in a lifetime opportunities to see something that you quite literally will not see anywhere else on earth. It is extremely well known for the amazing nature, from ice-caving to the Northern Lights, and today I thought it might be a good idea to talk more about this absolutely magical place, so read on to find out more about my favourite things in Iceland.

The landscape

One thing that you will instantly notice about Iceland is how isolated and untouched everything is and this is explained by one third of the population living in Reykjavik. This is quite incredible when you consider the fact that there are only three hundred thousand people in the entire country! Most parts of iceland are simply too harsh and rugged to live there, of course this doesn’t sound so nice but this lends itself to the amazing sights that you can see there. Think of fjords, lava fields, caves, waterfalls and mountains and then you have Iceland.


The sense of adventure

Whether it’s between continents, or road-tripping around, one of my most favourite things about Iceland was how free form it was, we simply hired a car in Reykjavik and went around. It is crazy how much you can just see by driving and stopping, which makes for a really unique experience. All you need to do is drive around and stop when you want, now that is what travel is all about.

Driving is definitely the number one way to get around, especially with the high prices of buses and taxis in Iceland and it also gives you the freedom to go and do whatever you want. One thing that I like whilst I was there was the ring road that goes around the island, making more or less any part of the island accessible. There are also very few cars on the road, which makes driving relatively easy. Driving in Iceland is not an overly difficult experience, however there are a few things that you need to be aware of when you do visit such as animals crossing the roads, windy conditions, changing road conditions, and sand and snowstorms. Once you are aware of these you should be fine, but you should definitely be careful.

The car that you need will depend a lot on how many people you are traveling with and what your needs are in terms of space. Off road driving is illegal, so a utility vehicle is probably not necessary. It is also important to remember that you need to be at least 20 years old in order to rent a car in Iceland. The usual price of a rental car is 5,000 ISK to 20,000 ISK for smaller cars and 7,500 ISK to 45,000 ISK per day. I would highly recommend booking your car as soon as possible as there are only a limited number and these can be very scarce during the peak season.



The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights or aurora borealis, as it is also known, is a phenomenon that you need to see at least once in your life. It occurs in areas of high latitude (Iceland and Antarctica being examples of this) and the sky is lit up with hues of red, green, blue, violet and possibly every colour you could imagine. It seems so surreal and Iceland is naturally the place to see it. Many people are drawn to this and people have even made it their job to chase the lights as a profession to help show others. These lights are as mystical as they are amazing and are something that you absolutely need to experience in Iceland!

Hot springs

The geothermic pools in Iceland are an ideal place to keep the body warm and relax, and this is a huge part of the Icelandic culture. There are many locations on the island that you can warm up and take in the scenery too. Blue Lagoon on the Reykjanes Peninsula is a great example of this with steaming blue water that is surrounded by hills. Is there any better place than this to relax?

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