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This is a quick post to help people who are wondering how to get to San Marino by public transport. I couldn’t find this post when I was looking online so here it is:

How to get from Florence to San Marino:

There is no direct train or bus to San Marino unfortunately so you have to use a combination of both.

From Florence train station you get the train to Rimini, via Bologna. The cheapest train takes around 3 hours and costs around 30 euro ($37) for second class seats, which are more than ok.

From Rimini Train Station, you walk directly outside the station and there are buses every hour going directly to San Marino. They take about 40 minutes to cover the 15km or so and cost around 5 euro (a return is 8 euro/$10), you can buy the ticket at the tourist information 50m away. Go there early and queue though, because they fill up and you have to wait another hour to get on!

It’s possible to go to San Marino on a day trip but it’s a long day, make sure you set off early (aim to be on the train before 9am). I chose to do it that way and it was fine. San Marino was a cool place to visit, and in my quest to visit every country in Europe, it was a necessity! A day trip here proves quite costly though, so if you’re only in Italy to see some world famous sights, I’d give it a miss. Happy travels!



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