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It’s been in my mind since the beginning of my efforts to make it to every country in the world that there are 193 countries. Had I set this goal before 2011 though, I would have only had to visit 192. South Sudan is the worlds newest country. It was founded in July of 2011. Unfortunately though, pretty much as soon as it became a country things started kicking off with Sudan to the North and its been on the brink of war with its neighbour ever since

These countries that are constantly in clashes with their neighbours you can never be too certain with so I don’t like to mess about. I knew I wouldn’t be able to spend much time in the country but wanted to get a solid hotel for my short stay. On recommendation I booked a room at the Golden Tulip in Juba, the capital city in South Sudan. Even landing in the capital was a bit nerve wracking so it was really appreciated that the hotel could do an airport pick-up for me.

I was warned early that there was a strict “no photo” policy in South Sudan but I didn’t realize it was going to be this hectic! There was signs everywhere warning me not to take photos. I did manage to sneak a few in the hotel and with some of the staff at the Hotel.

The location of the Tulip was great. I didn’t have to wander to far to see the sights that Juba had. There wasn’t a lot to see but its cool wandering around in places knowing you have a safe location to head back to. The restaurant served good food and was good and the main place where guests would hang out since it was sketchy heading out at night. There is 10pm curfew across the country anyway so wasn’t much chance I’d be having any big nights out in South Sudan.

The rooms at the Golden Tulip were class. Spacious and inviting. The bed was everything I needed and more and was equipped with the ever so needed Air Con. My stay was short but the staff made sure I felt comfortable and were really helpful with the overload of questions I had about their new country.


After two short days I was headed back to the airport on the free shuttle headed to my next country. I’d say if you find yourself in South Sudan this is your best bet by far for comfort and safety.


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