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I’ve just set off on my China to Ireland by land trip, and I’ve had to (temporarily?) say goodbye to my life in Thailand. Leaving my comfort zone, something that I so often urge other people to do, has once again proven very difficult.


I had been in Bangkok, Thailand on and off for around 13 months, I had an awesome lifestyle, a great group of friends, a nice online income, a sweet condo but I’ve literally dreamt about this overland route for years so when the time came, I knew I had to cut the cord. This time it was more difficult than ever. Leaving behind a great girlfriend, a burgeoning business (or two), professionally things were looking up but my life isn’t about money, career paths and keeping up with the jones. I strive to detach myself from social conformity, I strive to live for the moment, to enjoy today, to bask in my youth, and this was a step I need to take, regardless of the difficulty.


This is certainly not the first time I’ve hit the road for an indefinite period, I left Ireland, England, Australia, the US, Thailand and Korea all having spent months or years working and living there, but this is one thing that never seems to get easier.


I’m well aware this is the lifestyle I have chosen and as difficult as it can sometimes be, the rewards it reaps are amazing. I’m now sitting in Chengdu, China planning my trip to the panda sanctuary tomorrow, preparing myself to reach a lifelong goal of physically holding a panda. I’ve got trip to Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan and the Finnish Northern Lights all coming up in the next couple of months. Of course there will be times when I find myself pining for the life I left behind, but Bangkok will still be there when I return and come the end of this trip, I’ll know this was the right decision. Tomorrow is promised to no one, so we need to live for today. I’m trying to live that truth. Happy travels.


P.S I ate rabbit’s head last night :S


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