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5 Things to do in Harbin, China

I came to north-east China to see the Ice Festival in Harbin and it was ridiculously outstanding but if you’re not here from January through March, it’s still definitely worth a trip. There’s a handful of other great things to do in Harbin. You could easily fill 2 or 3 days here. Check out the best things to see in Harbin:

Ice Festival in Harbin
Ice Festival in Harbin

The Siberian Tiger Park

I love interacting with rare animals around the world. There’s something that really makes me feel like I’m in obscure corners of the world when I see endangered species and this place is no different. So if you’re into trekking with mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda, chasing orangutans in Borneo, feeding Hyenas in Ethiopia and the like then the Siberian Tiger Park is a spot for you. There are only 400 of these guys left in the wild. Amazingly, this park managed to breed 72 new cubs last year. It’s doing great work and you get to see these guys at their formidable best.

The tigers who can’t get re-released into the wild are kept on a spacious compound where people can buy ducks ($3), chickens ($8) and cows ($400) to feed them. Kind of grim to be honest!

Get here: Take a taxi from Harbin city centre, he’ll drive there, wait and drop you back for around 100 RMB ($16), can fit 4 people. Buses are available too.

Ticket: 90 RMB ($14)

Things to do in Harbin
Things to do in Harbin; Siberian Tiger Park

St Sophia Church

Harbin’s most famous building is it’s Russian Orthodox church. It casts an awesome shadow onto the huge plaza in front of it. It’s over 100 years old and costs 20 RMB ($3) to enter although the best pictures are taken from outside.

Get here: Right bang in the city centre folks, get your walking boots on.

ice festival harbin
Things to do in Harbin

Science and Technology Park

Located just at the entrance to Sun Island park is the very entertaining Science and Technology park. It’s an intense hands-on type museum with some great exhibitions. I’m not a museum man at all, but this place had me captivated for about 2 hours.

Get here: Just over the river, a taxi should be about $2 or $3 or you can walk from Stalin or Sun Island park in less than 30 minutes

Ticket: 25 RMB ($4)  

Science museum Harbin

Science and technology museum Harbin
A crazy room in the museum, loving it!

Stalin Park and Sun Island Park

Anyone how was ever been to China will understand how manic these huge cities are. People are spitting, shouting and smoking to their heart’s content so if you’re chasing some respite these two beautiful parks are your answer. They’re both free. They offer endless walking opportunities and they’re maintained to an excellent standard.

In winter Staling Park extends onto the Songhua river where skating, sliding, go-karting etc is available whilst in Sun Island park there is a snow sculpture area which acts as the poor mans Ice Festival (overpriced at 240 RMB/$38)

Get here: They’re both on the waterfront so make your way there by foot if you’re in the city centre.

stalin park harbin
Stalin Park, Harbin

Germ Warfare Museum

20km outside the city but worth the trek, this grim tourist attraction will get your heart racing. In 1939, the Japanese built a top-secret germ warfare research centre here where they tested and tortured to death over 4000 prisoners of war including Mongolians, Chinese, British, Soviet and Koreans. They carried out gruesome experiments involving injecting unmentionable things into their subjects, cutting people up and other things too horrible to mention! It may have closed over 50 years ago but it can still bring a chill to your spine.

Bear in mind it closes on holidays and every day at lunch from 11.30-1pm.

Get here: A return taxi will be about 100 RMB ($16) or bus 343 from the train station goes there too.

If you’re fortunate enough to be here during Harbin’s Ice festival then you’re very lucky indeed. Like I mentioned, you can take the train here or jump on a plane to Harbin airport.  That combined with these 5 gems will make Harbin one of the coolest (get it?) destinations you’ve visited. Even without the ice festival, these 5 will keep you occupied with a smile on your face for a couple of days easily. Happy travels!

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2 thoughts on “5 Things to do in Harbin, China

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  2. Thanks guys!!!!! we visited all the things you suggest! HARBIN was so amazing! Tiger were a bit sleeping but they destroy my KFC chiken on only 2 minutes! we also visited the Ice &Snow festival, so beautiful and freezing cold lol
    On weekend was enought to enjoy everything 🙂
    Next step!

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