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Instagram has been a favourite for individuals and companies alike because of the various features that it holds. You could very easily go for the different other social media site as well but having Instagram for your business would be a great idea. 

Instagram has become one of the most sought after places that you would be able to go to and here people not just share their life, celebrate their every day on Instagram. From individuals sharing their posts every day and gaining likes and trying to become a sensation, most people try to buy Instagram followers

Companies are also going for Instagram and making it a platform where they would be able to promote their products. You would see that with Instagram, you can improve your product and that too globally without spending a lot. In fact, with Instagram, you would be able to grow your brand image as well. 

Instagram plays a significant role in the digital sector of making sure that people are getting access to your account with the various features that they have, and you could use them. 

Studies have also proven that Instagram has become a sensation when it comes to ensuring that the lifestyle and style of people are getting influenced by the various social media sites where products are being showcased. 

Instagram Comes with Newest Story Feature

If you are an avid Instagram user, then you might know about this feature and even if you do not, this will give you a detailed one. There are many features on Instagram that would come handy for you. This would help users to post multiple photos on one story. With the option of Layout, you would be able to do that and in it, you also get the liberty to incorporate maximum six photos. 

It is an elementary feature but you would be able to benefit a lot from. And also it would be a popular one. Though a straightforward one, it would be in rivalry with the third-party apps which provide you with a similar layout. But with Instagram, it would be more comfortable and mainstream. 

And therefore, you would not be requiring taking help from any company while you would have Instagram to provide it with you. Many commercial companies and brands are now going to buy Instagram likes to increase their account activity and traffic as well. And this would be similar to the Boomerang feature of Instagram which is actually rendering other third part GIF apps useless. 

Instagram has been coming with so many new features. With the new Create mode, which is there, you would be getting a place that would be creating content that would not only be just photos. You would be getting so many options like conversation prompts, throwback posts, and different other options. Therefore not just building your content, Instagram is providing you with so many options as well. 

How would Instagram Layout be Working?

Here are a few simple steps which would help you in using the layout and add up to six photos to your story. 

  • Make sure that you are running the latest version of Instagram; otherwise, you would not be able to take advantage of it. 
  • When trying to create a layout, using the story button, tap on it when you are trying to create a story. 
  • From the very bottom, you could slide from the default reasonable to the New Layout option. Notice and select the type of layout you would be requiring. 

Add the media that you want and then you could put up your story. It is that simple, and you would be benefiting a lot when you go for this new feature by Instagram.


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