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How to Prepare for Your First Trip to Japan

Ah, Japan. It’s such a magical place that just its name can conjure images of splendid views and vibrant cities. For many, it’s an island like no other – a land where rich tradition aligns with technology to create a truly unique experience, for tourists and residents alike. 

So, if you’re planning to go there, who could really blame you? To truly enjoy your Japanese trip, why not explore our top travelling tips? 

Consider your lodgings 

Accommodation is obviously important. But before you go booking anything, you may want to consider staying in a hostel, especially if you’re after an authentic Japanese experience

After all, this kind of lodging will give you more of an opportunity to soak up the culture of where you’re staying. This is because very often, it can be the best place to learn about the non-touristy areas of the area, as local staff are often on hand to offer suggestions and advice to guests. 

And unlike hotels, hostel bars are widely known to attract locals. So, you could always ask fellow patrons for tips on where to visit. 

Choose the right hostel, and you’ll be able to make the most of your trip. 

Be tech-ready 

Obviously, it’s important to be tech-ready for any holiday – but it’s crucial if you’re heading somewhere especially splendid like Japan. 

It is, after all, the home of gems like Mount Fuji and the Kyoto temples – not to mention its famous cherry blossoms. You’ll no doubt want to capture as much of your visit as you can – but to do this, you’ll need to pack the right tech. 

And no, we’re not just talking about phone chargers and cameras. Bring hardware backup, and you’ll be able to rely on your devices throughout your trip. 

You can secure tech solutions for your holiday from RS Components and similar experts. Make sure that you prepare all the tech required to guarantee the adventure of a lifetime. 

Stock up on Japanese yen 

Though it boasts some of – if not the – most advanced tech in the world, Japan remains largely cash-based when it comes to everyday transactions. 

In fact, a number of its retailers and outlets don’t accept credit cards as a form of payment, McDonalds being one of them. If a store does accept cards, it will most likely display a sign in its window that says so. 

Also, don’t forget that its currency – Japanese yen – always comes in coins if its between the value of 1 and 500. So, to avoid lose change, why don’t you bring a purse or coin bag with you? 

To simplify transactions during your holiday, remember to stock up on yen before you arrive. 

You’re preparing for your first trip to Japan – you’re bound to be excited. Follow our advice, and you’ll be sure to have an excellent adventure. 



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