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Instagram is quick becoming the best social media platform for people looking to market their product or brand. My friend Paul Hurdsfield was telling me all about the benefits yesterday and how it has helped his marketing strategy in a big way over the last 12 months. After our chat I knew I had to look into it further and try it for myself, I can positively say that the results were amazing!

Instagram offers loads of opportunities for people looking to use digital marketing, by using their ads and tools every business will see that this social media platform is miles ahead of the rest and something everyone should be using.

So before you get to drawing up a strategy like Paul Hurdsfield did, you need to learn why Instagram is the best platform for your campaigns. Here are the top reasons you need to be using Instagram for your digital marketing plan.

Lots Of Engagement

When you place an ad on Instagram, it will not only be seen but it will also leave a lasting impact on the social media users. Of all social media platforms it has been shown that Instagram has the most engagements when compared to its competitors. It is so successful that businesses choose to repeat their ads 300% more than all the other platforms out there.

One of the reasons for this engagement is that people spend longer per visit to Instagram then Facebook, Twitter etc The average visit last for around 3 minutes. So that means your ad will be getting a lot of traffic which increases the chances of engagement.

Mobile Friendly

When it comes to social media most users will access it using their mobile device, Instagram has the largest number of mobile users out of all available platforms. This is important because most people check their social media when they’re waiting for something of on their way somewhere.

Instagram was started for the mobile audience from the start, so that means they knew that had to make their advertising experience specifically for that market. They’ve done a fantastic job making sure the ads aren’t invasive and appear naturally in users feeds. Very few users report ads they see because Instagram uses very clever marketing tools to make sure people see things that are relevant to them.

Have you used Instagram to grow your business? If so, I would love to hear all about your experiences. All you have to do is pop our thoughts in the comment section below, thanks for sharing guys!


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