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Invisalign in Bangkok

My invisalign before and after 1 year of treatment! Invisalign in Bangkok…

My Invisalign in Bangkok

So I’ve had my Invisalign in Bangkok for over a year, it’s hard to believe to be honest and I only found out when I went for my regular 8 week check-ups and Doctor Ken told me. It’s been honestly one of the best decisions of my life, and I’m delighted with my ongoing treatment at Thantakit International Dental Centre in Bangkok, Thailand.

invisalign bangkok
Signing up to my new treatment plan at Thantakit

Thantakit International Dental Centre

Medical tourism is HUGE in Thailand  these days. Treatment is cheaper than in the Western world but the standard is identical, if not better IF you choose the right place. When it came to finally taking the plunge into fixing my teeth I did A LOT of research, in the end I chose between 2 clinics, Thantakit and another place in Thong Lor, Bangkok. In the end I went for Thantakit after discovering that their owner and main dentist, Doctor Ken was Thailand’s leading invisalign practitioner. He flys all over Asia giving speeches about Invisalign, the Invisalign CEO even came to Thantakit Dental Centre to pay him a visit – a huge vote of confidence. He’s trained in the US, his English is perfect and all the staff at the place are lovely. I used to hate going to the dentist, and now I honestly can say I look forward to my 8 week check-ups!

Anyway, my initial treatment plan was 33 trays (the clear invisalign retainer you wear each day), you change the tray every 2 weeks, so 66 weeks of treatment. When I first had my invisalign fitted, the thought of wearing this annoying tray for the next 15 months was horrible, but honestly after the first couple of weeks it just becomes second nature. So after discovering my first year was up, I had a long chat with Doctor Ken!

Thantakit Dental Centre
In the Thantakit Dental Centre


I’m so so so happy with the progress of my teeth. I used to never smile for photos, now I can’t stop smiling. I’d say my teeth have gone from a 4/10 to a 7/10 in the year, and if my teeth were to stay like this forever, I’d be delighted. But Dr Ken doesn’t accept 7/10 haha!

The clinic have had a new high-tech device delivered, Invisalign technology is constantly improving and Ken reckons he can make my teeth perfect, so we sat down and had a chat. Basically he asked was I happy with my teeth now, yes I was. Did I want to finish my 66 weeks, yes I do. OR… do I want to start from scratch, with 7/10 being my new base level and aim for 9.9/10. It would mean another 6-12 months of treatments but it would be the same level of improvement again.

Admittedly I was getting excited to finally not having to wear clear retainers all day, but I’ve come this far, let’s see this thing through. So I’ve signed up to another 18 trays (36 weeks). I had the little bumps on my teeth removed, new ones fitted, and a new set of trays. So here we go again! I’m so excited to see the final result next Easter!

invisalign thailand
My new straight teeth!
the new machine


With invisalign in Bangkok, it’s not like traditional train-track braces where you have to get things tightened and it’s a huge ordeal, but the best practice is to get 3/4 trays each 6/8 weeks and then come for check-ups to get issued your new trays (you can get more trays given to you each time if you want, so you don’t ‘have’ to come back to the dentist every 8 weeks, but it’s best to come).

Each time I come in, the dentist then checks the progress of straightening, how’s it going, any pain etc. They then ‘shave’ your teeth a little, creating a tiny, tiny gap between whatever crooked teeth you have, allowing them to straighten up over the next course of trays. It’s a little uncomfortable but it only takes a couple of minutes, and if you’ve hated your teeth, it’s well worth the discomfort knowing that your teeth are finally straightening!

bangkok dentists
My new teeth


1 year down, huge progress, and now with my refinement process underway I have the best part of another year to go. I’m so used to wearing invisalign, another year doesn’t break my heart. All my friends and family are used to me popping out my trays before I eat, and although it’s not the nicest sight in the world, it’s no big deal. I’m honestly, genuinely excited to see the final product, but I’ll keep you guys updated in the meantime!


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