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Life isn’t always easy. Even if you’re not dealing with anything particularly stressful now, when you’re so focused on everything else, and you neglect yourself, it will start to manifest in ways you never imagined. So, to combat the consequences of stress, depression, anxiety, or burnout, it’s recommended that you get away and clear your mind. There are lots of places in the US where you can “just be” and forget about all the cares in the world, below are a few you might consider:

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Just thirty minutes from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the tiny island of Nantucket is one you’ll want to visit if you’re looking to relax and clear your mind. The up and coming area has been pegged as a refined vacation destination with new attractions being established every year. Although a bit pricey, the food is fresh, and the atmosphere is serene. You can take a nice bike ride on the cobblestone streets or take a lazy walk along the shore. The tiny island feels will give the impression of isolation allowing you to feel free and uninhibited from the day to day struggles.

San Juan Capistrano, California

Even those who are looking to get away and cope with their current struggles can find themselves traveling to San Juan Capistrano, California. Luminance Recovery offers a top-of-the-life treatment facility, offering help for those who are struggling with drug and alcohol detox in Orange County. Regardless if you currently live in California or are traveling to this location to escape, it’s a place where you can truly find peace and tranquility.

Sedona, Arizona

If you want to explore the great deserts of Arizona there’s no better destination than Sedona. An area most popular for its lavish resorts and spa retreats, you’ll find a way to clear your mind here. There are some who believe that Sedona has a healing spirit that can be felt by those who visit. Find your inner peace as you explore this beautiful city. The Amitabha Stupa, a Buddhist structure found in Sedona is one peaceful place to visit. The monument is a popular destination for reflection and prayer.

Sometimes life gets the best of you and you just need a little rest and relaxation to take on the challenges that come your way. IF it’s been a while since you’ve gone on a trip, perhaps it’s time to pencil in some much-needed down time for yourself. Whether you take a trip to Massachusetts, California, or Sedona, you’ll find peace of mind. Whether you’re struggling with stress, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, or you just need a time out, finding the time to be alone can put you back on track to changing your life for the better.


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