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Restlessness (def): The inability to rest or relax as a result of boredom


Restlessness is a personality trait I actively encourage.  I’m a restless character and I’m proud of it. Restlessness is our brain letting us know that we can be more, we can do more, we can achieve more. With every business idea flapping through our mind, and every country we dream of visiting, our brain runs at 100mph running all the different scenarios simultaneously. Business models, profit margins, route plans, sights to see. This is my restlessness and long may it continue.

be restless

I remember throughout my life my restlessness was frowned upon, teachers and family members would comment on it – “you’re so restless Johnny”. It was seen as a negative emotion, something you had to work through and deal with. Accept your current standing and be ok with your lot. I wasn’t haven’t any of it.


I believe restlessness is our mind telling us to strive for more. Restlessness is the emotion we experience before we make a change. It’s the trigger, the catalyst that we need. The wakeup call that what we have now isn’t enough.


Treat restlessness as a call to action, brought on by boredom, so surely the solution to it is to remove the boredom….


But restlessness isn’t enough to achieve your dreams. It’s simply the first step. We have to act on it. Whether you’re restless about a relationship you wanna stop (or start), restless about your job prospects and how unfulfilling your job is, restless about your yearning to travel, about how big the world is and you wanna see more of it. It’s all positive, don’t repress those worries. Take them, understand them and act on them accordingly.


Be happy you’re restless, pity the ones who are content with less. Your restlessness means you’re not accepting the status quo. You know there’s more to life, so go out and get it.

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8 thoughts on “Motivational Monday; Be Restless

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  2. This thought process (I call it have a squirrel brain – always looking around, twitching, running frantically. Or salad spinner brain…whirling cut greens around and around getting all the water out of em before cooking). has it’s purpose and can be an indicator that you need change in your life. It can also be a burden…I’ve seen friends unable to simply “be”, be content, be happy with what they have. It’s a practice that buddhists and meditators do, practicing contentment with whatever you have now, and not worrying about what you could possibly have in the future, or what you had in the past. Don’t worry, be happy. The thing you are looking for is likely already in front of you…you just need a different perspective. Always searching for happiness leaves you…always searching.

  3. Great one, Johnny! Just what I needed today. Totally fits my personality and attitude. Although restlessness can get quite anoying from time to time it leads to constant movement. I believe if you can really accept and appreciate it will always make you move forward. 🙂
    BTW you might check out this one -if you haven’t already- Should fit your personality quite well, too!

  4. Completely restless like yourself Johnny. Just back from China and off travelling again as soon as my next shift finishes! Cant be done standing around. Get restless. “Nothing comes to those who wait – time’s running out the door you’re running in” Safe travels.

  5. “But restlessness isn’t enough to achieve your dreams. It’s simply the first step”

    Amen to that! There is just so much more in us!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I like your way of thinking Johnny. I sometimes get embarrassed by my restlessness but I guess that I should be happy to be like this instead of being listless and bored

  7. Good man Johnny,
    I have taken part in many a 6 month shuffle, where I decided to move house, location or country. .After 6 months in one place and I get seriously restless!

    I never understood how some people can do the same shit day in day out and be content with that.

    ‘Insanity is doing the same thing day in, day out and expecting different results’ – Einstein..

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