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I’m writing this from Papua New Guinea, I love traveling, and I always will. A lot of the food I eat is delicious, a lot of the people I meet are awesome, a lot of the sites I see are breathtaking, but you know what… That doesn’t mean everything is f*cking awesome. Far from it, and I wish people were a little more ok with that.

disgusting food


I have a quick story from Mongolia. In Mongolia you can go on some rustic horse safaris into the Gobi Desert and beyond, you sleep in traditional nomadic homes (gers), stay with the local people and generally have a pretty amazing authentic experience. I actually witnessed a shaman exorcising a demon in my ger, but that’s another story.


Anyways, was my time on my Mongolian safari brilliant? Absolutely. Was it perfect? Absolutely not. There was a girl on a safari in Mongolia too, and when it came time for dinner, she was fed this mashed up root vegetable that wanted to be potato but fell well short, it was completed with a handful of wilted vegetables.  Now anyone who has ridden a horse for any length of time will testify, it’s energetic stuff. And an afternoon of that will get you seriously hungry. So dinner time had an expectant air around it.


So here’s my problem. Everything for this girl was the greatest. She had hyperbole spilling out of her ears, and after everyone got served the grim mash for dinner people ate it through sheer necessity – people were hungry, so they ate. At best it was bland, at worst – slimy, foul and sour. However, and I meet a lot of folk like this around the world, my new friend couldn’t help herself “Wow, this is the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted in my life, it’s amazing”. It wasn’t, and although tastes differ, this was legit bullsh*t. In the same way her Mongolian water tasted “so much more delicious than any water I’ve ever tasted before” and that the “Mongolian grass looks so much nicer than in North America/Europe wherever”.

It’s ok to be disappointed when you travel, just in the same way that it’s ok to be disappointed in the ‘real’ world, but people are seemingly relucatant to accept that *stabs himself in the eyeball.

So listen up my travel friends, backpacking is a beautiful thing. It’s an art form, and one we’re very lucky to be able to indulge in but it’s not all good. Some food is disgusting, some people are mean, some sites will let us down (Terracotta army anyone?), and it’s ok to admit that. Everything out of your own country isn’t amazing, some stuff is sh*t when you travel to. Acknowledge it and move on. Thanks.

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7 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Travel Rant; Everything’s Not Always F*cking Awesome

  1. Toatlly agree. You need to be appreciative of the other cultural but that doesnt mean you cannot be honest. You can be honest but you shouldn’t be rude.

  2. Nice post Johnny, people get that “grass is always greener” syndrome when they go traveling and when they come home it seems like they don’t appreciate how good life actually is in their own county

  3. Great wee post there Johnny – and I agree it may not always be awesome but it’s important to enjoy (or at least try to) every travel moment we have, whether awesome or not. Sometimes the non f**king awesome moments help make the f**king awesome moments seem even better.

    It’s still much more awesome than working in an office 8am – 6pm staring at coffee cups and answering phones! Safe travels, Jonny

  4. So true. It’s so easy to be amazed by everything being new that even things that are dumb seem spectacular. What’s funny is that you could very easily measure some of her claims, like the exact wavelength of the greenness of the grass and objectively prove her wrong. Not that she’d admit to it, though.

  5. Thanks for this article. It gets on my nerves too – I often hear it when I talk to people about India – there were parts that truly weren’t amazing… and yet some people cant help but exclaim ‘it was amazing!!’ Really!!??

  6. Haha. So very true. I’ve had to bite my tongue so many times. Some people just like the sound of their own voice and to put it bluntly – are full of shit!

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