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Time is a strange concept, one which people have struggled to comprehend since the beginning of humankind but we know one thing about it – our time is finite. We get born, we do what we do and we die, time passes and it’s over. But the bit in between the birth and death, that’s ours – 100%, ours, to do with as we please. At least it can be, if we blaze our own trail.

Time is finite
Our time is finite, so what are you going to do with yours?

Time will keep ticking but we still have that period so everyone has a big choice to make. What are you going to do with yours?


Sure, it’s easy to follow the mould. Be born, go to school, go to university, get a 9-5 (which in reality is probably more like 8-7), get a wife, marry and have kids around 30, work harder, get promoted, divorce, work harder, get promoted again, keep paying into that mortgage, increase the pension fund, build your nest egg, reach 65-70, retire and FINALLY you’re free to do what you want. You only have a decade or two left so choose wisely. Your back gives you trouble now so no white water rafting, that’s a shame. Your knees and hips just aren’t the same anymore, that’s skiing ruled out. Your looks have faded so we’ll leave the hooking up to the youngsters. Sure wish you had climbed that mountain/surfed those waves/dated those hotties when you could have. Oh well, move on. Doesn’t sound quite the ride that it could have been, does it?


So don’t do it. Break the mould, forget conventionality, turn down the option to be part of the crowd. Who wants to be part of a crowd that holds you back, keeps you down, limits your options. Be yourself, be bold, be direct and don’t regret living in a system which didn’t allow you to achieve what you could have achieved.


Don’t wait for a moment of clarity – this is your moment of clarity. Right now, right here. If you’re reading this and relating then you’ve already had that epiphany, now what are you going to do about it?


Be unique, do what inspires you, wake up excited and forget the daily grind – you really don’t have to sign up for that, I promise you. Explore the world, it’s such an amazing place, don’t limit yourself, don’t limit your options, don’t limit your mind. Your time is finite, never forget that BUT your time is yours, to do with as you please – now what are you going to do with it? Happy Travels!



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6 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Your time is finite, but it belongs to you

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  2. Johnny, another great post. Just perfect timing for me to read. Just yesterday, my mother informed me, another of my cousins got engaged and just last month, my bestfriend-cousin got married. That leaves me the only one not married, not even engaged of the cousins who grew up together. Too much pressure in the family as they fear I am losing time. Losing time on whaT? Hahahahha… But right after reading this, I just realized, of all the cousins, I am the only one overseas and aiming to break the mold that our family wants me to be in.

    This post really lifted up my spirit! 🙂 and awesome writing. 🙂 This is one of my favorites.

  3. How true!

    As one of those who (may have) missed their time to get out there, I can only say ‘go for it, kids!’. Tomorrow amy not quite be too late, but it will be very different, and it will have lots of those ‘I wish …’ moments.

    Great post!

  4. this is a good inspirational post! love it! 🙂
    “…You only have a decade or two left so choose wisely. Your back gives you trouble now so no white water rafting, that’s a shame. Your knees and hips just aren’t the same anymore, that’s skiing ruled out. Your looks have faded so we’ll leave the hooking up to the youngsters.” 😛

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