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When we are kids, everything is an adventure, every thing is a game and our biggest concern is when we can next do something fun. Then we reach adulthood and it’s just supposed to end, just like that. I guess the official turning point is when you finish school or graduate uni. Get a job, time’s up folks, time for the real-world.

the world is a Playground

We don’t know anything else so we stop playing, join the crowds, and forget the carefree joy of youth. Never to regain it again, until maybe when we have kids, then we get to relive it a little bit, sigh and utter ‘youth is wasted on the young’, reminisce about the days when fun outweighed the stress, when we played more than we worked.


But those days are over, now you have to plod on down the path that’s apparently been chosen for you. The path of dubious pension schemes (will they ever pay out?), the path of snazzy new technology on lines of credit (they’ll be outdated in 18 months), the path of grinding it out for your next promotion (are you really enjoying your job? the industry? the ratrace?). The days of playing are over only because you’ve chosen them to be over.


That’s not the way it has to be, in fact that’s not the way is should be. Years of course will always pass by, we’ll all finish school, finish university but we don’t have to listen to the little man shouting “real-world time”, we can continue to play, continue to smile more than we frown, continue to treat the world like the playground it is. We can still be careless and love it, make mistakes and laugh at them, meet new people and connect.


“Don’t take life too seriously, you might not make it out alive”


Don’t be weighed down by the importance of life. Life is there to enjoy, not to stress and worry about. Don’t let the kids horde all the fun, there’s enough for all of us to enjoy. Next time you have the opportunity to kick off your shoes and play a little, do it. Then do it some more, before you know it you’ll be having fun again. Once we realize that the world is a playground, we seem to have to a lot more time to play.


So if you’re ready to…..

1) Change your life
2) Travel the world
3) Get paid to travel
4) Create a positive influence on others
5) Be free of offices and ‘real world’ rubbish

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