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I was expecting Beirut to be more bombs than bars but I was very much wrong – this city parties hard. I’m currently in a very hungover state, with a disgusting Beirut shaped hole in my bank account and (hazy) memories of a crazy night on the town!

Where to party in Beirut
A Lebanese take on the perfect hangover cure

Just a quick lo-down on how/where to party in Beirut. If you’re on a budget, prepare to blow it because this place ain’t cheap but for one night only, it’s more than worth it. Beers start at $2 from a liquor store so stock up on those before you go out because once you’re bar hopping, you won’t find a drink for less than $6. The venues are some of the plushest places you can ever imagine, better than most of what you’ll find in London, New York, Paris but the prices easily match those places too.

Bars: There are literally hundreds of bars around Beirut but an area where you can bar hop to your hearts’ (although not your wallets’) content is Gemmayze. A street full of funky pubs but drinks start at $6. Happy hours generally run from 5pm-9pm.

Clubs: I-Bar, Buddha Bar and Sky Bar are the 3 most popular places (Sky bar only opens in the summer though). Head DownTown and you can find them easily enough. They can cost anything from free to $40 entry so choose your venue wisely. If you’re lucky enough to find some beautiful ladies to accompany you to the bars, you can get in without paying. If you turn up as a group of guys you’ll be required to bribe the bouncer to let you in ($20 minimum – ouch!). Drinks in the club costs a minimum of $10 each, a bottle of spirits (vodka, whisky whatever) will set you back a cool $120. The clubs don’t really open until 11pm and they go on till around 4am.

Ok guys, that’s your lot – just a quick run down on where to party in Beirut. The city rocks and Lebanon is a great place to backpack in (if a little pricey)


  • Make sure you have one girl to go with each guy or you’ll be paying a fortune to get in to clubs ($40+)
  • Drink before you go out, the drinks from the off license/liquor store are less than 1/3 price of bars
  • Hit happy hour just before you get to the club, nearly ever bar offers ‘buy one, get one free’ until 9pm
  • In Beirut, you can pay for drinks with your dollar stash – don’t! Remember, that cash if for visas!!
  • No shorts or flipflops here guys. Dress to impress or you’re not getting in
  • Not really a tip but i feel as if I have to say it – women in beirut are amazing! I mean jaw droppingly gorgeous. Beautiful. Stunning. *You get the picture.

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14 thoughts on “Partying in Beirut, Lebanon

  1. Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.

        1. hey mate,

          arrrgh dont ask about hostels there!! i slept on a mattress on a roof for $8 a nite! All the ‘best hostels’ are near where u get dropped off from the bus/taxi, close to downtown beirut. i stayed in Al Shahbaa Hotel which is average and prob the 2nd best if a bad bunch. But mate, listen… call ahead and book (01 562812) or ul be on the roof too!

          Yeah i took the shared taxi, it’s only $2 more than the bus and half the time.

          good luck and keep me posted!

  2. Nice information.I have to visit Beirut during my next vacations.this information specially the tips u suggested helps me during my travel.

    1. Hey Matt,

      Cheers mate – i would have added some more to the tips section but as I say my memory from the evening was somewhat impaired!


  3. Those are expensive drinks. But Beirut is the party town for all of the Middle East so it’s not surprising that it’s expensive. It’s like going to a hotspot in any large city. The drink prices and cover charge goes up the more popular the area. If it’s anything like Malaysia though, all the drinks are way more alcoholic than normal.

    1. Hey steve,

      unfortunately u are right and altho sometimes are lives dispel the theory that ‘you get what you pay for’, sometimes the theory holds true – Beirut is a prime example of that!

      Funny you should mention Malaysia mate, i’m sitting in Abu Dhabi on my way to BKK and Kuala Lumpur right now! Are u based there?


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