2018 Recap, the positive bits

2018 Recap; Travels, Charity, Money, Fitness, Mental Health

2018 Recap; Travels, Money, Fitness, Mental Health So 2018 has been and gone. Wow. I turned 35 in December 2018, where does the time go? I’ll tell you where, the same damn place it goes for everyone. We all share 24 hours in a day, 12...
CLIMB aconcagua with me

Want to Come And Climb Mount Aconcagua in December 2018 With Me? It’s South America’s Highest Mountain!

Want to Come And Climb Mount Aconcagua in December 2018 With Me? It’s South America’s Highest Mountain! Since finishing my journey to every country in the world, I had heard that around 100 (and perhaps as many as 200) people ha...
svalbard norway

Snowmobiles and Polar Bears in Svalbard Norway

Snowmobiles and Polar Bears in Svalbard Norway Svalbard Norway, in the Arctic Circle may not be on your radar right now, but give it 5 minutes to flick through my experience there and let’s see if I can change that! Snowmobiling acros...

Sooo, We Built a School in Myanmar!

We Built a School in Myanmar with GiveBackGiveAway.com! 2 guys who knew nothing about charity, NGOs, architecture, engineering nor playgrounds. They know very little about owning tour companies, or being responsible for the well-being of a...
Johnny ward girlfriend

Every country in the world DONE! What’s next?

So what’s next? It’s been 2 weeks or so since I left Norway, my last country on my 10 year journey to every country in the world. It’s been a hell of a ride, doing medical research to fund my flight to Asia, leaving Irelan...

Help Us Build A Playground For the Burmese Kids in Thailand!

HELP US BUILD A PLAYGROUND IN THAILAND IN 2017! Time for something pretty epic! Those of you legends who follow my travels to every country in the world on either FaceBook.com/onestep4ward, Instagram.com/onestep4ward, Twitter.com/onestep4wa...

Motivational Monday; Advice from my 33 year old self to my 23 year old self

It’s 5am, the sun is rising beside me as I’m writing from the rooftop of an Indian fishing boat after an epic 4 day trip through the Arabian ocean to finally see the Dragon Blood Trees of Socotra, Yemen. As I stand on the cusp of finishing...

Socotra, Yemen. Where Avatar meets Jurassic Park

There are very few places in the world who can put forward a genuine, warranted claim to be be the most beautiful place on the planet. And amongst the ones that claim, you would see only the usual suspects – The Galapagos islands perhaps? M...
boat to socotra

4 Days on a Cement Boat to Socotra. How I Became the Only Tourist in Yemen

*Dedicated to YahYa, without whom, I would never have been able to get to Yemen, thank you mate. I had been stuck on 194/197 countries since visiting Oman in June 2016, after really traveling through almost 200 countries over a whole decade...

How Not To Visit Every Country In The World. My 5 Failed Attempts At Yemen…

197 countries in the world, it’s taken me 10 years to reach 195. Aside from a year teaching English in Chiang Mai, Thailand and a year in Sydney, Australia during my only ‘real’ job, I’ve been on the road, averaging ...

#Travel Goals. My 2016 Recap – 30 countries, $200k+, 64 flights!

As the new year bounces in with all too familiar hangovers and false promises, I think it’s important to take a while and reflect on our previous year. Too often, we get caught up in the hectic nature of life in the 21st century and w...

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