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I am lucky enough to be on the road for at least 6 months each year travelling around the world. Whilst that does sound fun on the surface, it means that there are many hours spent in airports, taxis and buses. So now I have found that I am able to pass the time without getting bored or frustrated by the wait – this is extremely useful when your flight gets delayed by several hours.

Technology has certainly made it much easier to keep ourselves entertained and keep organised but sometimes the old fashioned things are best. So here are my tried and tested ways to make all those long waits fly by without noticing.

Organising Your Travels

If like me you seem to be going from country to country you need to keep organised. This can be planning your flights to organising your visas. It’s such a great time to sit down and make sure the rest of your trip is stress free. Applying for visas can be tricky sometimes so I use my travel time to stay on top of it. I did this recently when I was getting forted for my upcoming trip to India, thankfully a buddy of mine told me a company to check out. His email simply said, get your Indian visa at Travel Visa Pro, and boy was he right! It made everything so simple and the best bit is that I did it all in an airport lounge!


Of course this is pretty obvious, reading a book is one of the best things to do and it also keeps your mind active. Getting lost in a great book is such a wonderful experience, it’s even better if it can help you get lost in it and forget where you are. The one thing I would advise is travelling with the actual book and not reading it on a screen. When you travel for a longtime you’re going to finish books quickly, but this then gives you the opportunity to exchange the book with fellow travellers and chat about the books themselves.

Virtual Office

I think I get the most work done per hour when I am travelling. When you’re stuck in airport you can’t go anywhere, so there’s no better time to get some work done. Nearly every airport has decent wifi these days, so pull up a table and answer those emails you’ve been putting off. Get the work out of the way so you can enjoy the spa, bar and restaurant when you arrive at the hotel.

What do you do to help pass the time when you’re travelling? Please share with the community here, I am sure there are some real gems out there that we’ll all want to know. Just pop your thoughts in the comment box below, I’m looking forward to being surprised!


So if you’re ready to…..

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