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Places you must not miss when you visit Germany

Germany is well known for its historical, natural beauty and cultural heritage. The country has several historic cities with small towns and many mountains and forests. There are several tourist attractions which make the visitor get confused which unique place to be chosen. There are several reputed German casinos where you can play n number of games of your choice and get lots of fun and entertainment. 

People who love art should head to the metropolitan areas like Frankfurt, Munich or Hamburg while those who want to go for the recreational activities need to visit places like Rhine Valley, Bavarian Alps or Black forest. Checkout the list of top attractions in Germany:

  • Berlin’s Brandenburg gate: It was built for Frederick William II king in the year 1791. It’s the first Neoclassical Structure Gate located in Berlin’s Mitte district. Along with the Quadriga it measures about 26 meters in height with 4 horse chariot that carries goddess victory perched atop. It has the huge 6 columns on each side of the structure that forms the 5 impressive passages. Usually the 4 of them are used for the regular traffic and the last one which is the center one is reserved for the use of royal carriages. On both sides of the building there is a huge Doric column. It’s definitely the best iconic structure which is damaged very badly during the WWII.  
  • Cologne Cathedral: St. Mary and St Peter cathedral is located on the banks of the Rhine and is definitely the most impressive landmark in Germany. It had begun in the year 1248 and is the largest Cathedrals located in Europe. The interior of this structure covers an area of 6,166 square meters and has 56 huge pillars. It has also got the panoramic views from South towers. There are several 12th and 13th century treasury and precious objects along with the 3 Kings chapel and stained glass which have been saved even after WWII. In order to get the best view of the city and rivers one needs to climb to 533 steps to reach to the viewing platform in South Tower.  
  • Black forest: The Black Forest is very beautiful with its dense and dark woody hills and is the most highly visited place in Europe. Its located in the southwest corner of Germany while extends 160 km from Pforzheim in north to Waldshut on High Rhine in South and it’s known as the hiker’s heaven. To the west it has valleys. There are several spa facilities and playing casino is definitely a great entertainment option which you can find in Germany. There is also a Black forest open air museum. There are other stunning castles along with top historical attractions and villages. 
  • Neuschwanstein- the ultimate fairytale castle: This is definitely one of the most popular Europe’s Royal Castles. It has been built by Ludwig II king of Bavaria which is also a battlement covered fantasy fortress which is a great inspiration for the famous Walt Disney’s theme park castle from 1869-86. You can also opt for the guided tourism so that you will be taken through the singer’s hall, Throne room and Germany has the most spectacular views in the world. 
  • The Miniatur Wunderland and the historic port of Hamburg: This is the world’s largest model railway which is liked by people of all age groups. This has about 12,000 meters of track and the model also includes sections that are dedicated to England, USA and Scandinavia with around 890 trains and 300,000 lights with 200,000 human figures. To make the experience more fun filled one, you can book for the behind the scenes tours which is definitely a great thing to do at night. You can also explore the vast Hamburg port which is one of the world’s largest cruise ship terminals and is also known as the Gateway to Germany.  
  • The Rhine Valley: It is the most beautiful waterway of Europe. This river stretches from Switzerland to Netherland through Germany. Though there are several places to enjoy and visit in Germany, the Upper Middle Rhine Valley is designated as a UNESCO World heritage site and very popular spot for those who visit Germany. You can find 60 picturesque towns and 40 castles that you can enjoy either by a car or through river cruise.  
  • Berlin’s Museum Island: It is also known as Museum Island which is in between the Kupfergraben and River Spree. The long canal off the river is a 400 meter one which includes important museums in Germany. The Old museum was actually constructed in the year 1830 in order to exhibit the royal treasures. Later in the year 1843-55 a new museum took its shape where they have also added the national gallery in the year 1876. But one cannot cover the amazing things which you can find in the museum in a day. 
  • Bamberg and the Burgerstadt: It is located in the valley of Regnitz at the point where the river gets divided into two arms which is Bamberg and Upper Franconia. Once can walk through the tour by starting from old Episcopal quarter and Benedictine.  
  • Zugspitze Massif: It’s the part of Wetterstein mountain range and its between Australia and Germany which is surrounded by steep valley. Via a cable car or cog railway one can reach by Bayerische Zugspitzbahn. One can also opt for Tiroler Zugspitzbahn which is railway that runs to Zugspitzkamm station. From here the journey can be managed through cable car to Zufspitz Westgipfel station. 
  • Island of Rugen: It’s the largest and beautiful island which is separated from the rest of Germany. The forest here is covered with hills and sandy beaches, peninsula and lagoons. The best thing which you can do here is one can explore the abundance of wildlife along with the wide range of casino options that you can choose when you have come for a trip to Germany. There are amazing sceneries that anyone can enjoy at the deep blue seas in Germany. 



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