Russia is a huge country with many different landscapes. Explore the beauty of this unique place and see how diverse it can be! Russia, one of the largest countries in the world, has many beautiful places to explore. From its bustling cities to its vast wildernesses, Russia offers an array of attractions for any traveller looking for adventure. Whether you want to visit Moscow or St Petersburg or experience what life is like on remote islands in Siberia, there are plenty of options.

Below, we present a few helpful tips that you should know before packing your bags and boarding the flight to Russia.

#TIP No.1. Make sure you have a valid passport and visa

Do you have your passport and visa ready for your upcoming trip to Russia? If not, it’s time to start making preparations. First, make sure you have a valid passport that will not expire for at least 180 days from the date of your entry to Russia. As a next step, contact the embassy or consulate of Russia located in your home country. Next year, Russia plans to introduce the electronic visa system, which will significantly facilitate the visa application process. Unfortunately, its implementation had to be postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Check for more information about e-Visa to Russia.

#TIP No.2. Pack for cold weather – from sunny to freezing temperatures

Since there are four seasons in Russia with drastically different temperatures, it is very easy to get sick or even catch pneumonia if you dress inadequately and don’t cover every inch of your skin. With the possibility of temperatures ranging from +10 to -20 degrees Celsius, pack a scarf and gloves in your bag to keep warm.

If you are visiting Saint Petersburg, you may even need to pack a beanie or jacket depending on when you go. In the summer months in Russia, it gets hot and humid with temperatures going up to +30 degrees Celsius. So make sure to bring a hat and sunglasses. The sun in this country is very strong because you are closer to the north pole than any other location in Europe. You should also take a pair of shorts, sandals, and one light shirt with you for your trip between May and August. Wear things that will keep you cool during the day but give enough protection from the sun, and do not forget about warm clothes since there can be cooler weather at night.

#TIP No.3. Learn some Russian phrases before your trip

While you are on your trip, it would be nice to have some Russian phrases under your belt. It would make your life a little bit easier while you try to communicate with the natives of an entirely different country which is Russia. The majority of people who live there will not speak English very well, if at all, so it’s best to be prepared for that! And even if they do speak good English – why would you want them to feel bad about their own language?

If you plan on traveling to Russia, learn some basic phrases before arriving so that you can interact with locals without any trouble, even if your knowledge of the Russian language isn’t perfect yet. Here are some words and phrases that may come in handy:

·    No – Нет

·    Yes – Да

·    Thank you – Спасибо

·    Please – Пожалуйста

·    I don’t understand. – Я не понимаю

#TIP No.4. Bring some rubbles for paying for things like taxis and food

First of all, one important thing to use rubbles for when in Russia is to pay for taxis. Taxis are an everyday life necessity when in the big cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg (and even more so in smaller towns), so you’ll have no other choice but to take them at least once in a while. It may happen that taxi drivers don’t accept anything else than cash in Russia – neither credit cards nor debit cards! So make sure you have enough rubbles in your pocket when going out or needing a taxi ride somewhere. You might also want some rubbles for some other things that you’ll have to pay with cash. Some shopping malls also don’t accept anything else than cash – even in the big ones!

#TIP No.5. Be aware of the time zone difference

Russia is the land of 11 time zones. When it’s 3 pm in Eastern Russia, you’re just waking up your west coast neighbours.

Imagine the confusion in Russia when they tried to change their clocks! It was one hour ahead of local solar time, but four years later this idea got abandoned. After another three-decades-long experiment with different types of time zones (including winter and summer), people finally decided it best if all relied on analogue watches or cell phones for accurate timing instead.

The Soviet Union has been switching between summer and winter time for 50 years until it was abandoned in 2011. Many Russians found that changing the clocks twice a year made them more tired than usual, so their government responded by doing away with this practice once again – but not before some regions had incorrectly chosen permanent “wrong” times. Incorrectly choosing one’s own personal hour is never easy! Since 2014. Russians have been living in winter time.

Bottom lines

Russia is a country that is so much more than the cold, snowy winters and the Soviet Union. It’s a place for explorers to go to get lost in its vast landscapes and beautiful architecture. It’s also home to some of the most talented writers, artists, and musicians who have ever lived. The wide variety of places that you can visit makes it one of the best countries for travellers with an open mind who are looking for something new and exciting.

In this article, we have only outlined a few general tips that can apply also to every trip to whatever destination in the world. Do not forget to obtain a visa before going to Russia and enjoy your trouble-free trip to this diverse country!

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