Stand-out Blogs that Showcase Content with AI Video

Video content has become the ‘king’ of content marketing strategies. Immediately engaging, and playing well to the visual nature of the human brain, video can create a rich and complex storytelling medium in far shorter time than reading or other input methods. However, while video content will remain a cornerstone of marketing efforts as a stand-alone vehicle, it doesn’t have to be a case of ‘one of the other’. Incorporating video snippets, explanations, and elaborations into your blog-focused marketing can create a rich and fertile way to get the message across in a multi-medium way, amplifying each method perfectly. Today we look at how.

Effective Delivery

Video is an amazingly powerful way to break down hard concepts and make them easier to digest. It’s also widely perceived as a more technologically advanced way to share information. Additionally, it represents another method to get search engine traction, and ensure your content is findable to a wider population. 

Feed Curiosity

YouTube is now classed as the second-biggest search engine in the world. This isn’t an accident. People like videos because they open up a new world of visuals, taking them to places they haven’t seen before. It has a powerful ability to ‘bridge gaps’, and make your content seem more relevant, even between countries and cultures. It also helps keep people interested, and is seen as one of the most immersive content types there is. Lastly, it also caters to different learning styles, helping people who absorb information through visual means to better access your message. 

Heighten Engagement

The core of smart digital marketing lies in encouraging followers and growing your credibility. Videos create a sense of intimacy that also heightens people’s natural curiosity. It adds authenticity and reality, making your content seem impactful and believable. This naturally leads to a higher number of followers and a perception of greater credibility. In turn, you get the needed edge over the competition and attract new followers. 

Growing Your Audience

The additional side of this perception of intimacy and credibility is the authentic, real connection you build with people. Using two media types (of any sort) gives two methods of engagement, as well as the greater SEO potential we have already mentioned. 

Video is a creative and original content form, and one that’s highly relevant to the people watching them. It’s also easy to share and engage with, helping you build your SEO efforts and engagement, as well as pull in new followers to add to your existing ones. 

Visual Aids

When used as part of a blog post, or simply sharing space with blog content, video also acts as a visual aid to boost the power of your written content. This is especially helpful in ‘how to’ and ‘question answered’ blog formats. If someone wants to ‘follow along’ with the helpful tips you’ve created, running back to a step-by-step written format can be inconvenient. Video gives an engaging way to amplify that method that can easily be followed while they’re busy putting those skills, tips, or tricks into action. 

Increased Relevancy

Any time you create more relevance and depth to a post, you amplify its message. Video can even be successfully used to drive interest in related, additional topics. For example, you make a post about dressing for a wedding. You can add a video about destination weddings, wedding etiquette, or other relevant facts to help bolster your message and make it even more relevant to those watching. You’re expanding your reach, knowledge, and methods in related, easy-to-consume ways that are relevant to your audience’s needs.

Powering up Video with AI Content

Despite these many powerful arguments for using video-based content on your blogs, many people shy away from video. It seems costly. You don’t always know where or what to shoot. You don’t want to appear on-camera yourself, or the logistics of trying to get you, a great camera, and an editor in the same room at the same time are just too hard.

Luckily, with the power-up in the AI sphere, many of these arguments are now redundant. AI Videos, and text-to-video conversion, makes creating compelling, humanized, believable, and engaging video content a breeze- and cost-effective, too. You can simply concentrate on your message, and let the video (quite literally) create itself around you. AI Video is a great way to bridge the existing content gap on your blog, and help you create better posts that speak to your audience.

Video content is an immensely valuable tool for any blogger or content creator. With AI video closing the gap to make video more accessible, easier to create, and still retaining the human touch needed ot truly engage your audience, you have a powerful way to scale-up your blogging efforts and create a consistent, appealing video format to share with the world.

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