Guys selling suits

TUESDAY’S TRAVEL RANT: The same old sales pitch

You can try to get off the beaten track all you want but it’s inevitable that eventually you’ll end up in yet another bloody tourist market, selling the same wooden frogs, the same fake football shirts and of course the same u...
Busy bus station

Travel Rant Number 4: Transport Touts

Wow, the people in this new country are so friendly. Everyone is trying to help us get a ticket, they’re literally fighting over who should help us – amazing. Hmmmm – the only thing amazing about this is how many people...
doing laundry when you travel

Travel Rant: Number 2 – Laundry When You Travel

I’m still in Taiwan and this topic haunts me on a regular basis, i hope some of you guys can relate to this – make’s my blood boil!! aaaaaargh…. 2) Dirty clothes and doing laundry: I completely understand that life o...
annoying announcements in planes!!

Travel Rant: Airplane f*cking tanoys!

Re-reading some of my posts I was left thinking that I only talk about the awesome side of traveling BUT sometimes things just suck! And there’s always one thing that makes things just a little bit better… a good old rant. So...

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