Teeth whitening in Bangkok; My Experience

Too much coffee, and too much red wine. Says a lot about my lifestyle, right? I’ve lived in Thailand for years, but since my blog took off, and I’ve been doing more and more media stuff, I had to do something about my teeth! I thought I was too cool at school to get braces and lived to regret that daily in my twenties, with 2 front buck teeth. I finally decided to fix it a few years ago and got Invisalign in Bangkok, and I loved my new teeth! I also went through the teeth whitening in Bangkok too, and it was a pretty awful experience, truth-be-told. It was agony, and the difference wasn’t too noticeable. That was 3 or 4 years ago, and after being in pain for days and days, I swore myself of teeth whitening forever. 

But then more coffee, and more red wine. And now it’s 2020, and I need to do something about it. I just signed up to row across the Atlantic ocean (yup, seriously). From Lanzarote to Antigua. That means I have to go back to the UK and do some media stuff, to help raise money for the row. Which means cameras in my face! I had to get my ever-yellowing teeth whitened in Bangkok once more. Time to face the pain I thought. And then I discovered it didn’t have to be that way!

Invisalign in bangkok, Thailand
Wearing my Invisalign from Bangkok

How to do Teeth Whitening in Bangkok Without the Pain!

So, everyone I knew who had their teeth whitened told me they had the same experience as me. They bleach your teeth, it hurts like hell while they do it. Then for days, it’s like someone is sticking needles in your teeth. That’s what I had found too. It was miserable. And, thankfully, I’m just not vain enough to do that regularly – it’s simply not worth it. So once was enough. But with all this media stuff coming up again, and potentially a documentary being made about it, and a weekly spot on mainstream TV, my ego got the better of me and I wanted it fixed. 

Facebook doing what it does best (or worst?), the Smile Bar popped up in my feed. It’s fate! Or at least, it’s smart marketing. Either way, I signed up and made an appointment via Facebook chat for the following Monday. 

Teeth Whitening Bangkok
Teeth Whitening Bangkok; The Smile Bar

Where Do you Get Teeth Whitening in Bangkok?

Thailand is HUGE for medical tourism. But there are a lot of cowboys out there, so beware. Personally, I wouldn’t only use a medical provider that’s been personally recommended. So guys and girls, consider this your recommendation! 

The Smile Bar is slap-bang in the middle of Bangkok. It’s in ‘Siam Square Soi 5’. If you’re coming by the BTS Skytrain, get off at the ‘Siam’ stop and walk for about 5 minutes. Once there, you’ll see it on the corner. You can see ‘The Smile Bar’ in the photo above. Or in the google map below.

The Smile Bar Bangkok Review; My Experience

After making my appointment via Facebook chat, I hopped on the BTS sky train. Got out at Siam Station, and walked 5 minutes to Siam Soi 5. At the corner, I saw the huge ‘Smile Bar’ and walked up the stairs. I checked in with the receptionist, sat down and was offered a bottle of water. As soon as you walk in, the place looks ultra-modern. Almost like an Apple Store. All-white-everything!


After filling in the forms, I was asked which treatment I’d like. You get a consultation in the mirror, with a grade of how white (or yellow!) your teeth are currently. And what the realistic goal is from today. That’s quick a chilling thing. Especially if you hate your teeth, as I used to pre-invisalign! But no pain, no gain. So on we went. In the end, I choose the longest package, the triple whitening. 3 sets of 20 minutes.

After the consultation, you’re taken to a dentist area where you brush your teeth quickly. Then finally you enter the teeth-whitening room. It’s like a luxury, modern airport lounge. Big comfortable chairs. Futuristic technology propped-up beside each one. You sit down, and a qualified dentist comes and talks you through the process.


The Smile Bar has exclusivity on some new technology from Sweden. It’s a special kind of gel that bleaches your teeth much whiter and cleans all the existing stains. But without the pain of previous versions. I didn’t believe it, but after finishing the treatment 100% pain-free, I can testify that it’s true. Anyway, the dentist puts the gel in a retainer/gum-guard thing, then she places it into your mouth. From here, they add a little vaseline to your lips to make sure you’re comfortable. Then they add the ‘blue-light’ machine to press against the gum-guard. And leave you for 20 minutes.

teeth whitening bangkok
Me teeth whitening in Bangkok


Depending on which package you choose, after those 20 minutes are up, you can go and see the improvement. I did the triple package, so I repeated the 20 minutes, 3 times. It’s painless, silent, and you can still read your phone etc while you wait. Actually, they even have Bose headphones and Tablets to watch stuff if you want. 

3 X 20 minutes later, I was done. Rinse your mouth, quick teeth-brushing, and back to the dreaded mirror for a final consultation. WOW. Your teeth are literally a different tone from when you walked in, it’s actually pretty crazy what an hour can do. Zero pain (I’m writing this 2 days later, still no pain), and my teeth are significantly brighter, whiter and shinier. I’m an official convert. All without the over-the-tip Dubai/LA/Hollywood ridiculousness. 

It’s not surprising that Julien, the French owner, is doing so well. He’s a lovely guy, and he’s opened franchises in Dubai, Hong Kong, Bangkok with Kuala Lumpur about to open and Singapore next on the list. The Smile Bar is going to be pretty huge. I’m glad I got in before it got more expensive! I’m so, so impressed. The service, the vibes, and most importantly, the results. Amazing.

teeth whitening bangkok
Bangkok teeth whitening RESULTS! In 1 hour, I moved 5 grades whiter!!

Teeth Whitening in Bangkok Cost

I hadn’t had my teeth whitened in years, so I went for the Triple Whitening. And then, as mentioned above, I added the Nano Seal so as not to deprive me of my morning coffee at my Thai language lessons in Bangkok every day! The total price for teeth whitening in Bangkok, for the FULL package, was about $200 (6,500THB). 

The results were instantly obvious. I couldn’t believe it. It’s money well spent, and it’s rare that you can pay for something, and have such a transformation in an hour. I wish the gym worked like that!

Teeth Whitening Bangkok Cost
Teeth Whitening Bangkok Cost

My Final Thoughts on Bangkok Teeth Whitening

There are a couple of final thoughts. Number 1 is that teeth whitening in Bangkok, or anywhere else, doesn’t give you the crazy, over-the-top Instagram SUPER SHINING fake white smile. They are veneers. Fake teeth. Teeth whitening gives you a bright, natural, clean white colour. Much better in my opinion. That’s first. 

Secondly, if you go for the natural teeth whitening like this, then you can go the traditional route where they use hydrogen peroxide and bleach your teeth. That’s what I did the first time, it was agony. Or you can take my advice and use the new technology which still bleaches your teeth, but with different active agents. This means no pain! If so, check out the team at the Smile Bar Bangkok. I’ll be back every 6 months now. 

teeth whitening bangkok
Check the teeth, not the t-shirt!

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