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I have previously written about how teaching English as a foreign language changed my life, and it’s so true. From being a clueless student in Ireland and the UK, to becoming financially free from my blog and visiting every country in the world, teaching English was the bridge that allowed me to make that happen, and I’ll always remember that. So now, when people ask me how they should go about chasing their dreams, my first piece of advice is always to start with teaching English. It allows you to instantly go on an adventure, to live in another country, to make money and to work out your next moves, whether that’s a career in English teaching, or, like me, if you use it as the first step in discovering what comes next. 

Best online TEFL course
Best online TEFL course. Me teaching in South Korea!

So how do you go about teaching English overseas? Do A TEFL Course 

Generally speaking, you need to be qualified to teach English abroad. But don’t stress, the qualification is quite easy to obtain. You need something called a TEFL (that’s ‘Teaching English as a Foreign Language;) course If you’re wondering what is a TEFL course, read my blog post here. There are literally 1000s of TEFL courses available both online and in person. They can range from a 1-day event, to a 120-hour+ qualification. So which TEFL should you choose? Good question. Before you decide, just remember these main points

  • Many of the better schools require your TEFL qualification to be internationally accredited AND a duration of 120 hours of study minimum.
  • Some countries (South Korea, China, Vietnam) don’t require any TEFL qualification (but they do require degrees) but I strongly advise you do a TEFL course anyway. You don’t want to be stuck in front of a class with no idea what to do, it’s not fair for you, or the students. If you plan to teach in one of these countries, at least do a shorter TEFL so you know the basics. 
  • If budget is no issue, the CELTA or Trinity courses are the most recognised internationally, but they normally require costs of up to $3k and a month full-time, on-campus, studying. If that’s too expensive, or too much fo a time-commitment, then an online 120hour TEFL is your best option.

The best online TEFL course? The TEFL institute of Ireland

So it’s decided! You want to change your life, go traveling, and teach English. But you need to get your TEFL. You know you want the best online TEFL course, but you don’t know which one to choose, don’t worry. I have you covered. It’s easy to lose hours and hours searching google for the best online TEFL course, and you’ll end up going around in circles. Rest assured, The TEFL institute of Ireland has everything you need. (And you don’t have to be from Ireland, or be Irish, to study their online TEFL courses, don’t worry!).

Basically, you need a TEFL course that:

  • Is internationally accredited and recognised
  • Offers 120-hour course
  • Affordable (starting at €139)
  • Possible to do entirely online
  • Allows you to attend a course in-person if you want the classroom experience
  • Will legally allow you to work as an English teacher anywhere in the world
  • Can help you find an English teaching job through their career centre

If you jump on the TEFL Insititute of Ireland’s list of courses here, you can see all their courses start at 139Euro ($150USD) for 120+hour courses. That literally means, if you dedicate yourself to the online course, within 2 weeks or so you’re free to apply to jobs in China, Korea, Thailand etc, and within 2 months you could have started a whole new chapter of your life. Exciting huh? This is exactly why I wrote about how TEFL changed my life, it’s amazing the opportunities one online TEFL course can create. You’ve heard the cliche, but it never really applied before, but as soon as I received my TEFL, I knew finally, it was true, the world was my oyster. And it can be yours too.

best online TEFL course, The Best Online TEFL Course

So which online TEFL should you choose?

Hopefully, after following me for months, years (decades, now I’ve been blogging for 10 years!), you’ll trust my advice. I don’t sell anything on my blog apart from my charity trips, and crazy adventures to Syria, Yemen etc. So if you’ve decided that is the best online TEFL course, then the last decision is work out which course to actually sign up and study online? There are a lot on there, and it can be confusing. 

If you go on their homepage on, and hover over ‘TEFL Courses’, you can see a list of all the different courses they offer. Don’t get overwhelmed by all the choices! I’d recommend you choose one of 2 options:

1) BEST BUDGET OPTION: 120 Hour Premier TEFL course (€189 on sale):

Their cheapest option is a great choice. It’s internationally recognised, it meets the 120 hour minimum length that many schools overseas require, it gives you help with job hunting after and it’s super affordable. If you want to buy someone a gift, this is a great option too. Or if you’re going traveling and considering that you may want to stay and work in Peru, Vietnam, Oman etc, this has you covered 100%. 

Best Online TEFL courses
Best Online TEFL courses. Best budget option.

2) BEST OPTION OVERALL: Government Regulated 300 hour Level 5 TEFL Course (currently €309 on sale):

This is the option I personally would choose if I was going back to my English teaching days. Of course, like the cheaper option, it’s internationally recognised, it’s well over the 120-hour minimum duration many schools require, it also gives you access to the TEFL jobs board, the TEFL app, but most importantly it contains modules about teaching Business English, and English to Young Learners, so no matter what job you end up getting, you’ll be equipped with the tools you require. For an extra $150 or so, I personally, would choose this one. And maybe skip a night on the town with your friends to pay for the upgraded course!

The Best online TEFL course
The Best online TEFL course. Total package.


I’ve been wanting to write this blog post about the best online TEFL course for AGES, so I’m delighted it’s finally done. The TEFL world is so confusing, so I hope this helps you make an easy choice to get the best online tefl, get qualified and chase your dreams. Teaching English was the first step I took to changing my life, the same as so many of my friends who are now successful in other walks of life – Drew Binsky, Mark from Migrationology, Samuel from the 2 backpackers, and the list goes on. We all started with our TEFLs and it opened the door to a life of adventure. I hope you guys can do the same thing. You don’t need to sit at home and follow other people’s Instagram, you just have to have the courage to take the first step, that’s the hardest bit. So CLICK HERE and get started. After that, everything else can fall into place. For $150 or so, the first step has never been easier to take. So good luck to you guys, I hope you enjoy the ride, I certainly did!

best online tefl courses
best online tefl courses

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