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Divorce is usually the last option to consider if you feel that you and your partner are not in the same boat anymore. When you have built a life together, have had kids together, and own a business together, it is extremely difficult to come to terms and call it quits. However, it’s important to do what’s best for you. If you think that maybe divorce, you may want to contact the lawyers at Divorce Matters in Fort Collins if you live in Colorado. They, or a local attorney in your area, can help you figure out if and when you should get a divorce.

Signs It Is Time For Divorce

  •         You never argue because you don’t really care.
  •         You want to provoke your partner to end things.
  •         Winning is everything if you are fighting.
  •         You hide your real self.
  •         Kids, friends, and work always come first.
  •         The “we” is suddenly replaced by “me” or “I”.
  •         Your spouse is no longer your go-to person.
  •         You are constantly thinking of leaving your marriage.
  •         You cannot stand the abusive behavior of your partner or their obsession with alcohol, drugs, etc.

When Is The Right Time To Divorce As Per The Law?

It is not necessary that your partner’s drug or alcohol abuse and domestic violence drive you to divorce them. People divorce because they feel detached and grow apart, and they want to begin a new life without their spouse in it. No matter the reason, you must consult an experienced divorce lawyer, like the ones at Divorce Matters in Fort Collins, before taking the big step.

Because of IRS tax laws regarding filing status, the best time for getting a divorce is in January. You must know that –

  • If you file a divorce on 31st December or at any time of the year but your divorce is yet to be finalized, you are considered as married to your spouse for the entire year and have to file a joint return.
  • If your divorce is finalized before or on 31st December, you are considered unmarried and require to file as a single taxpayer.

Your filing status can have a huge impact on taxes that you need to pay as well as on refunds you may owe. This is why people like to time their divorce. 

Other Considerations While Timing Your Divorce

Other than tax ramifications, there are multiple factors to consider while deciding when to file for a divorce. According to the Colorado Dissolution of Marriage Act (C.R.S. 14-10), the couples who are filing divorce should meet residency requirements. However, since Colorado is a ‘no-fault’ state, irreconcilable differences are the only grounds for a divorce. 

So, fault grounds like habitual drunkenness, adultery, mental cruelty, and desertion do not affect your ability to get a divorce. However, these factors can have an impact on issues such as child custody, property division, and spousal support. Being married to a spouse who is engaged in such kind of behavior may be considered as condonation, which means that you either accept your spouse’s acts or forgive them.

If you are planning to file a divorce, talk to specialized lawyers at Divorce Matters in Fort Collins and consider the following factors.

Impact on children

If you have young children who are not adults, you might not want to separate with your spouse during their school breaks or over the holidays, since it can affect your small children significantly. Additionally, custody issues because of divorce during the school year could lead to change in school districts.

Financial Preparedness

Before filing for divorce, it is advisable to be financially prepared. You should ensure that you have a separate bank account and line of credit established, and find a house that you can afford. You should also make several copies of important documents and administer a thorough inventory of all your marital assets and property.

Because getting a divorce that affects you, your spouse, and your family, you must seek professional advice from divorce lawyers.

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2 thoughts on “Things To Consider Before Filing A Divorce

  1. Good article. I enjoyed. We got divorced 2 years ago in Texas. I didn’t want to. But my wife insisted. According to statistics, people spend on divorce around 1000$ which is a lot. A year after my divorce my cousin divorced her husband using an online divorce service

    I wish I’d known this service before. It could have saved me tons of money.

  2. Thank you for such an informative article. It is a pity that I did not see it earlier when my wife and I filed for divorce. After all, you have given a lot of useful information for couples who want to get a divorce. But we were lucky, because our divorce was undeniable. Therefore, we just turned to the divorce online service and we had no problems.

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