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Kas is a town located in the Mediterranean on Turkey’s southwest. It is to the west of Antalya city center.It is a historical place including the ancient city of Antiphellos and many ruins from those times.There is Lion Tombs which dates back to 4thcentury BC which is a Lycian rock example in the area. Addition to that, there are many more historical tombs located in that area. Kalkan is a small touristic village located within the town of Kas. This cute village offers a great authentic experience of the Mediterranean Culture and successfully magnifies its visitors.

Kas, which is one of the most popular tourism centers of the summer months, should definitely be seen.There are many amazing beaches, historical sites and natural beauties located in that area. Kas and Kalkan, which have many reasons to travel, host many visitors every year. Transportation to Kas and Kalkan is possible via taking a taxi directly from the Dalaman airport which will cost around 80 TL. Another option is to take the shuttle buses which go to Fethiye, and then take the minibuses that go to Kalkan each hour. 

MustSeePlaces in Kas-Kalkan

Since Kas and Kalkan are home to many historical sites and natural beauty, there are a lot of places that you can visit.

Kas City Center: If you are looking for authentic experience, Kas’sUzunCarsi street is a place to go. You will feel like you’re in a fairy tale while walking on this magical street. Colorful houses with wooden balconies and flowers coloring the street will take you out of this world. On this street you can find stores on the both sides of the road which sells souvenirs, boutique shops, antique shops and so on. 

Antiphellos: It is the ancient city which once belongs to Lycians. It is possible to reach to the ancient city with a small walk from the city center of Kas. You can find ruins and an ancient theatre which has a capacity of 4000 people. 

Kaputas Beach:Kaputas Beach is one of the best beaches you can find on the Mediterranean Coast. It takes approximately 20 minutes to reach the beach from Kas.You can swim on the crystal-clear water or go up hill to enjoy the view of the beach and take some very cool photos. 

Ancient city of Xanthos: It was included into the UNESCO World Heritage List back in 1988. There are ruins in this ancient city dating back to the 7th century.It is possible to find Lycian tombs, ruins and theater here.

Ancient City of Patara:Ancient City of Patara, once considered the capital of Lycia, is also the city where Santa Claus lived. In this historical place, not only ancient ruins but also Patara Beach attracts a lot of attention.

Activitiesto Do in Kas-Kalkan

Trekking on the Lycian Way:It is more than 500 kilometers starting from Fethiye and extending to Antalya. The great thing about the way is not its length but its history. It was once in the Lycian Kingdom.

Diving in Kas: Kas is one of the most preferred location for diving. You can take diving lessons at Kas Marina, learn how to get on the boat and dive, and discover beauties that await you underwater. There are over 20 spots to dive in, and you can spend more than one time exploring some beautiful plants and marine animals that are endangered.

Outdoor Activities: It’s possible to find places to do canoeing, safari, paragliding and so on in the area of Kalkan. If you want to add some color to your trip why don’t you try one of these activities?

Take a daily boat trip:Boat trip are among the must-do activities to explore all the hidden caves along the coast.These boats will take you to the island of Kekova, a true natural beauty. The trip will has certain stops to swim in beautiful bays and they will also make a barbecue during the trip.

Don’tMissOut On TheseTastes

You are in the right place for dinner where you can relieve all the tiredness of the day. You can experience the tavern culture and try many traditional dishes in the region.

Elif Restaurant&Beach: It’s a great place to try out the shrimp stew together with Turkish Raki.

Feride Et Lokantasi:If you like meat, then this restaurant will certainly satisfy you. You can find many different kinds of meat meals from both traditional and international cuisines.

Shopping in Kas-Kalkan

Kas-Kalkan is a great place to go some authentic shopping. You can find many boutique shops in that area and get some cool stuff.

UzunCarsi:It is the main street of the city where you can find any kind of shop you are looking for. It is a great opportunity to explore local businesses and cute souvenirs.

Local Markets:You can find local markets in the district where you can buy the freshest fruits and vegetables. You can also learn about the local shopping culture in these markets.

Kas-Kalkan offers everything necessary for a great holiday. Town’s beautiful crystal clear beaches, areas suitable for paragliding, safari and especially diving will add color to your holiday. There are also great restaurants where you can taste local flavors with local drinks and enjoy your night. You can go up the hill and immortalize the magnificent view to take great pictures.As a result, Kas-Kalkan promises you the best holiday you have ever had. It offers a special holiday to its visitors with its structure blended with history and nature.

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