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Planning on visiting the UK soon? There is always plenty to do here. For art lovers, there are galleries, events and theatrical productions aplenty, not to mention British films too. Lovers of sport will feel right at home here. With regular events such as tennis at Wimbledon and horse racing at Aintree. Not to mention loads of football tournaments as well. Those who enjoy an occasional drink won’t want to return back home without making a visit to one of the many public houses. Here, enjoy a traditional ale or beer which has been brewed locally whilst taking part in games and socialising with friends or family. Or how about bingo? After all, there’s lots of bingo halls to choose from. For the ultimate list of fun and entertainment ideas in the UK, read on to find out more.

With so much to do in the UK, there’s Rarely a Dull Moment

Visit a pub for a pint. Originally starting as roman taverns, pubs, or ‘locals’ which they are commonly known as with regulars, are the perfect places to have a pint of locally brewed ale or beer amongst the company of family or friends whilst perhaps getting involved in games such as darts, pool, or even a fruit machine or two. Some pubs in the UK, known as Gastro Pubs, also serve food, whilst micropubs are smaller establishments offering many local beers and ales. 

Go to a theatre for a show. Theatres started off in the UK in the 1700s but became particularly popular in the 1800s with the launch of establishments like the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre and the Academy of Dramatic Art at Her Majesty’s Theatre in 1904. This popularity continued throughout the 1600s and 1700s into London’s West End, and remain today. Musicals prove particularly popular, from composers such as Andrew Lloyd Webber. There are lots of theatres all over the UK with diverse offerings so there really is something to suit every taste. 

Head to a local bingo hall. Once bingo had been legalised in the UK in the 1960s, its popularity boomed, with new halls opening at an unprecedented rate. This continued well into the 80s when many out of town, purpose built bingo halls were constructed to keep up with demand. Although a drop in popularity was experienced in the 90s due to things like the introduction of the national lottery, increased taxes and the emergence of online bingo, it remains popular to this day, with brands like Mecca and Gala being the main players. Equally, online bingo remains popular and continues to attract a large audience due to appealing promotions on offer by the best bingo sites. Bingo as a game is pretty simple. A card contains a range of numbers. When the caller calls one out and it matches the card, it is marked off. Players who manage to clear all numbers on a card, also known as a ‘full house’, will shout ‘bingo’ and win a prize, commonly money.

Check out movies at a cinema. British cinema goes all the way back to the 1800s. However it was around the 1970s when it really started to take off, with box office epics such as The Wicker Man and Monty Python. Chariots of Fire, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Trainspotting and The King’s Speech are just a snapshot of some other great British films. A visit to a cinema here in the UK rarely disappoints!

See a nearby football stadium. Football is the most popular sport in the UK, featuring the world’s very first club team – Sheffield FC, which was established back in 1857. Today, there are many leagues to enjoy, such as FIFA, The Premier League and the FA Cup. For those wanting to get involved with a game, there are a couple of useful cultural hints to be aware of. Before the match starts, it’s customary to eat food such as a meat pie, as well as purchase a programme before heading to the stands. Expect also to hear chants or anthems which are unique to certain clubs. Liverpool fans will sing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ which aside from being good luck, are something of a ritual for the loyal patrons attending. The UK isn’t short on stadiums, so there are loads out there to explore.

Here are Some of the Main Things to Try in the UK

Pubs. Go to a local public house to experience an authentic pint of English ale or beer whilst socialising with friends and family or enjoying the many games on offer.

Theatres. See a show in one of the many theatres across the UK. West End London has loads of shows on offer, particularly for those who enjoy musicals. There’s lots of other theatres around the UK so there’s something for everyone.

Bingo halls. Play bingo and have fun at a bingo hall where the atmosphere and company is electric. Also be in with a chance of winning an exciting prize too!

Cinemas. Check out a cinema and find the best of British movies, many of which have won numerous awards.

Football stadiums. There are loads of impressive stadiums to explore in the United Kingdom. For visitors interested in going to a game, all parts of the culture can be explored, including match day food, anthems, chants and getting into the spirit with football team kit.

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