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When I was on a life-changing holiday in Borneo I met so many amazing people who traveled all around the world. It was awesome sitting down with them and exchanging travel stories, plus tips about where to visit next. It was in Borneo one evening when I was was having dinner with a lovely couple from Italy that I started to hear just how amazing Venice is. Of course I had seen Venice in movies and pictures but I never really knew much about the place – so I had a million and one questions for them. By the end of the meal I knew I had to pay the city a visit soon.

Fast forward 6 months and there I was booking a vacation apartment in Venice for my upcoming trip. I can’t explain how happy I was that I met the Italian couple that evening in Borneo because my holiday in Venice was one of the best ever! There was so much to love about the place, here are the top reasons to visit Venice.

Step Back In Time

At one point Venice was one of the biggest trading posts in the world, so most of the architecture dates from the 13th century to the 18th. The powers that be have done a great job introducing laws to protect the history, that means that when you’re gliding down the canals you will see the same sights that people saw hundreds of years ago. It’s a small city but where ever you turn you see beautiful buildings, you really do step back in time when you’re in Venice.

The Food

We all know that Italians take their food very seriously indeed and that is what you’ll find in Venice. If you’re a food lover then I know you’ll be in heaven here, leave any diet you have back home and eat as much as you can – when you get back on the plane home you’ll already be missing the food. Venice is famous for its seafood, the best restaurants by it fresh from the market the same day they serve it. Every meal is a celebration!

Get Lost

Venice is like a maze that is very difficult to comprehend and even google maps won’t help you here, so the best thing to do is get lost. Getting lost in a city means you’ll find hidden paths, see things you didn’t expect and get to chat to locals as you navigate your way back to the hotel. Everyone is so friendly here and trust me they are used to helping lost tourists, they will always greet you with a smile.


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