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Before I headed to Bhutan, I had to choose the best tour company that would fit my itinerary and me. With this being the number one country I had wanted to go to, I had to make sure it was done right. I ended up going with Bhutan Life Exposure and I had a great experience so I want to detail some of the reasons why they’re the best tour company in Bhutan.

While on my trip I was accompanied by a guide and driver, Euenten and Thukten. In the past I’ve been on tours with disinterested tour guides who dryly tell me the history of where we’re at. Not these guys; they were young, fun, and interesting. They took me to their home, local style, and fed me a Bhutanese meal. I even tried ara, a Bhutanese rice wine with egg and butter. (Powerful stuff. :P) It was really a more personal experience, something you’d never get with a larger tour group. They were more like friends than employees. I really got to connect with my tour guides and in turn Bhutan better than I had imagined.



Bhutan Life Exposure tailors itineraries for what you want to do, whether you want a more leisurely, chilled out trip or a fast-paced, full-on adventure. They even have a bird watching tour! For me, I erred towards the cultural side, managing to squeeze in the most important sights, from the Tiger’s Nest to the many dzongs, or fortresses, spread out across the country. I had the opportunity to go to a Buddhist festival, the Jambay Lhakhang Drup, which was great. As we traversed through the main cities of Thimphu and Paro and out into the Bhutanese countryside, they also made sure I stayed at really nice hotels all along the way. They took care of me all the way around.

And that about sums up my experience with Bhutan Life Exposure. If you’re interested in going to Bhutan in the future (and you should), feel free to ask me any questions or check out their website for even more information on Bhutan and how to set up a tour.


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