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There’s a time and a place for backpackers, Khao San Road, tight budgets and bedbugs. But Bangkok can also be so much more than that. Basing myself in Bangkok, I hear a lot of negativity about the city and I feel obliged to counter the haters, Bangkok is without doubt my favourite city in the world.

People need to remember that BKK is a huge international metropolis, with nightlife, cuisine, shopping and business to rival (and exceed?) New York, London or Tokyo. And when it comes to top-notch hotels at affordable prices, there’s no better place on the planet to stay than Bangkok.


I’ve paused my travels for 3 weeks, popped back to Thailand to spend time with my gf and catch up with work (running 15 websites can get tiring when you’re traveling full time!). Knowing that I needed to arrange some meetings, do a lot of writing and even more project managing (read: trying to find quality staff!) I wanted to stay somewhere where I could clear my head, get my work done and enjoy some luxury for a change, step forward The Hansar Hotel. You smashed all my expectations.

I organised to stay in the Urban Suite in the Hansar Hotel. I had heard some amazing reviews about the Hansar from some online buddies so I wanted to check it out. The location is tiptop, it’s only a 10 minute walk from Siam Square, the commercial city centre, and it’s right on a BTS (subway) line, so getting there is a walk in the park, even from the airport.

I checked in in the huge lobby and the staff showed me to my room, then I had one of those “omg, I may actually be living the dream” moments. The place was massive, and swish, complete with it’s own garden patio. Flat screens are dripping off every wall, the wifi was lighting fast, the bathroom could have it’s own postcode! I was straight under the wonderful waterfall shower, into the bath, back into the shower and then into my complimentary robe to check my emails. This is more than I could ask for! I think I know how Hugh Hefner feels.






The next morning I managed to get to the breakfast buffet just before it closed, and for a traveler, this was heavenly. The best breakfast I’ve ever had at any hotel in my life, ever. Ever! Anything you have ever envisaged eating for breakfast is here, with the best ingredients and chef in the country. I didn’t want to leave. But after a full cheese board, some smoke salmon bagels, pain au chocolate, croissants and jam, some fresh pancakes with honey and an omelette I thought it was time to make my escape, which I duly did (although by that stage I was struggling to walk!)


Straight to the pool. The pool is on Floor 8, allowing you to feel like you’re overlooking Bangkok, really nice. There is a full gym too, and I don’t mean some box ticking exercise for their ‘facilities’ page, this is a proper gym, better than the one you pay $100 a month to go to, and it’s free. Although after that breakfast, even looking at a treadmill was a bad idea.


After 2 nights here, I genuinely didn’t want to leave BUT Bali was calling so off to the airport I went, with possible the best hotel experience of my life. Happy travels!


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