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Travel Guide: Reach Your Destination Faster With Affordable Airliners, buying plane tickets can be a tedious and costly affair and often determines when and where to travel. With so many travel-booking websites, continually changing prices, and a range of travel advice from travel magazines, it’s easy to understand why this could become overwhelming. Fortunately, booking a plane tickets does not have to come between you and your dream vacation.

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Follow along as we reveal six tried and tested methods that will help you find the cheapest airline to your destination.

Use multiple booking sites

No single booking site is continuously perfect. They normally have ties to various airlines and will thus, inflate their prices since they are getting a cut. Hence, to get the cheapest deal, it is recommended that you browse through various booking sites while comparing prices then settle for the best.

Identify errors in airline fares

Everybody is prone to errors including airlines. When posting fares, the airlines may sometimes make a mistake that translates to unbelievably discounted flights. These errors may be due to a technical glitch, miscalculation in currency conversion, or a simple human mistake. Either way, identifying and utilizing these mistakes is a sure way to get yourself the cheapest flight to your destination.

Book directly with an airline

While the use of booking sites is great, sometimes these sites may not always include your local airlines. For instance, if you are looking to fly around South Africa then Flymango airline is your best option. It is under the South African Airways and is known to offer the cheapest domestic flights.

Booking with an airline directly can prove to be cheaper since it gives you access to online offers that can only be found directly on their websites. In addition, you get a better understanding of the additional flight costs involved like baggage fees, since they are more transparent.

Make use of Social Media

At this time and age, it is unlikely that an airline does not have a social media account. Say twitter or facebook. By following these accounts and signing up for email alerts from these airlines, you will always be updated on new routes and most importantly new flight deals the moment they are available. Once an airline announces slashed prices on its account then you can take advantage of this and save yourself some money.

Fly on budget carriers

While this is definitely not the “service of the year” award-winning airline, a budget airline is a great way to save money. Obviously, you will have to make a few sacrifices liking having more leg room and getting free drinks and food but budget airlines are without a doubt cheaper than other full-service airlines.

Do your flight searches secretly

Did you notice a change in flight price after searching it a few times? Well, you are not imagining this. Based on your browser cookies, flight prices can increase when you search for that particular route repeatedly. This is meant to lure you into booking the ticket quickly before a further increase in prices. To ensure you are getting the cheapest flight, make sure you clear your website cookies after every search or alternatively do your searches in incognito browsing modes. You can google how to do this.

We all want to save ourselves a few bucks when possible. Follow these six steps and you are assured to get the cheapest flights to your destination. A lot of things you could do with the extra money. right?


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