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Of all the things you’ve done to plan your trip, planning for the unexpected breakin wasn’t likely one of them. Though you hope that nothing goes wrong while you’re away, the truth is that anything could happen. Unless you want to come back to a home that has been burglarized it’s probably a good idea to be proactive before you leave. While this list may seem like a lot, having peace of mind while you travel makes it all worth it.

Invest in a Security System Or Lights

One of the best lines of defense that you have against burglars is a home security system. Homeowners and renters can set up HD security cameras throughout your property to increase security. Features such as window and door sensors automatically trip the alarm the moment someone tries to enter the home. Security lights and cameras can deter thieves from wanting to trespass (and make it pretty noticeable if they do). If you choose a system with 24/7 professional monitoring, the moment something is wrong at your house whether it be a fire or burglary, the authorities are immediately dispatched to your place.

Ask Someone to Keep an Eye on Things

If you’re going to be gone awhile, you’ll may want to ask someone you trust to keep an eye on your property. You could ask a friend, family member, or neighbor to do this. Having them drop by periodically will throw off anyone who believed the property was empty. They can do a survey of the home, pick up the mail, check on the pets, and water your plants. Another great tip would be to ask a neighbor to park one of their cars in your driveway. This creates the illusion that someone is there and will scare burglars from wanting to break-in.

Pause Mail, Newspapers, and Other Subscriptions

A dead giveaway to suspicious characters that no one is home is the buildup of mail, newspapers, and other deliveries. Again, if you plan on being away for an extended trip, it is recommended that you put these things on hold. Contact the service providers and/or the local post office and let them know that you’ll be out of town for a few days. They will hold your deliveries until you’ve returned, reducing the amount of clutter in front of your home.

Have the Lawn Cared for

Another thing that burglars pay attention to when choosing a property to target is the lawn. A yard that has not properly been cared for sends a message that no one is home. Therefore, before you leave and while you’re away, make sure that you have someone take care of the yard work for you. This can include removing leaves or snow, cutting the grass, and trimming bushes or trees.

Make Sure You Lock Everything Up

As silly as it may sound, it is imperative to remember to lock up your entire house before leaving for vacation. You’d be surprised how many burglaries occurred where the thief didn’t even have to break-in. Check that you’ve secured every door and window. After you’ve pulled out of the garage, remember to secure the garage door as well.

Beware of Social Media

As much as you would love to share your travel plans with your friends and family through social media, it is a security risk. Posting where you’re going and how long you’ll be gone is essentially inviting criminals to your home. They’ll know exactly how much time they have to break in. It is best instead to tell a few trusted family members where you’ll be for security reasons and save the photo posting and travel sharing for after you’ve returned home.

As excited as you are about going on a trip, it can easily be ruined with a call or return home to find your home has been burglarized. In order to reduce the chances of this happening, it is imperative to take the above-mentioned security measures to safeguard your home. Now, you can hop on the plane and find peace in knowing that everything is just fine.


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