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As if it costs more than $300 for a small little book, yet that’s how much I got charged this month to get my new passport – thanks a lot British embassy. A*sholes.

We all need passports, they look cool, collecting stamps is a past time for any would-be traveler but once you get over the stamp love – you’ll learn to dread another bloody stamp in your passport, cos it means you’re one step closer to the dreaded passport renewal.

Passports stamps This rant increases further still for the Brits. Imagine this scenario…


You only have one page left in your passport but you are visiting 2 or 3 more countries before you go home. An American goes to their embassy, pays some cash, get some extra pages put in their passport there and then and continues on their journey. Awesome.


Now imagine if you are a Brit. You go to the embassy, explain the situation. The tell you they can’t put extra pages in, you need to renew your passport. Ok, how do I do that? You pay $300, give us your old passport, wait for 1 month then receive it and off you go. Wait, so I have to wait in this country for one month!??! My visa expires next week! Tough sh*t. That’s the protocol. Amazing.


Unbelievable and to make it worse we don’t even own the bloody thing. If you read the small print, it belongs to the country, not to us! So what am I paying $300 for?! To rent the f*cking thing or what?! AAAAAAAAAAARGH.


Ok, I gotta go and pick up my passport from the embassy now. It’s been a month. I’m serious.


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7 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Travel Rant: Renewing a (British) Passport

  1. Wouldn’t be a problem if you’re a British passport holder & travelling in Europe as you have the freedom of movement within the EU so you don’t need visas or entry / departure stamps.Of course that will change when we leave ( At this rate not very soon!) Our passport colour is about to turn Blue. Gemalto are contracted to produce it & supposedly phase them in any day now!

  2. Johnny, got an idea for your next rant – getting a UK criminal Records check….. absolute nightmare!

    Feels like I should have applied for it 5 months ago

  3. I love this!! You had me shaking my head in agreement and laughing(not at you, with you).
    I travel a lot for work…I have been on the go for about 17 years. I love every moment of it. Reading your blog…Brings me JOY! Thank you for putting it out there!!

  4. gee that is a pain! US passport is doing it right, add more pages. Hehehe. Here in the philippines we also have to renew our license but it doesn’t cost $300. $25 last time I had mine renewed and takes 2 weeks or so.

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