Getting from A to B shouldn’t be so difficult, nor should it cost double the real fare. Furthermore, if I want a tuk-tuk (which is unlikely), I’ll search for one. There are few things more infuriating in the world than getting harassed by drivers as you walk around, and there is nowhere worse for this than the Land of Smiles, Thailand.

Tuk tuk in Thailand
No thanks, no really i don't need a tuk tuk. Honestly I'm fine. No thank you. I SAID NO, P*SS OFF!

Ok so listen up Mr Tuk-tuk Driver:

1) If I need transport, you’ll see me asking for it. Don’t come near me on the off chance I might require your services. If I need you, I’ll ask you.

2) Just because of my white skin, please don’t feel the need to apply a ‘tourist tax’ onto every fare. I’d like to pay the going rate please (oh and printing out a piece of paper from a computer with ‘set fares’ doesn’t mean that they are set! It means you know how to operate Microsoft word – well done, but it doesn’t mean you can rip me off)

3) If I’m on your vehicle, I would like to reach my destination quickly, of course I would HOWEVER I’d prefer to arrive safely. I’d choose to arrive in 10 minutes and in one piece, than in 5 minutes as a broken man. It’s not a race, really.

4) If you see me crossing the road, don’t stop in front of me. I don’t want a tuk-tuk, I want to cross the f*cking road and you’re now in my way

5) Believe it or not I don’t want to stop at your brother’s suit shop, or your uncle’s gem store – it’s quite alright thanks, I just want to go to my destination.

Thanks for listening – adhere to this and you’ll make my , (and every other traveler in Thailand) , life a lot less hassle. Peace.

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English Conversation Practice - Tak...
English Conversation Practice - Taking a Taxi

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9 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Travel Rant: Tuk Tuk Drivers

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  2. Yeah couldnt agree more about the rip off tuk tuk drivers!! Like the idea of that shirt!! lol. Yeah going back from BKK zoo they tried to get me to pay 150 b when i knew it should have been 60! end up walking a few yards and getting a bus! for next to nothing!

  3. Check out this post I wrote, Johnny

    I think you’ll remember me telling you that story when we met at MBK mall. I was pissed off at the tuk tuk driver who tried his best to rip me off. First, he takes me to some fake temple with a fake reclining buddha, and then he tries getting me to spend over $30 USD for a boat ride.
    On top of that, I had to pay him double (okay so it was 40 baht instead of 20 baht), just to get him to not take me to a gem store. I swear, this driver was everything I read about in tourists guides in regards to what to look out for in Bangkok for you don’t get scammed.

    And I agree with you about not being asked for a ride every 10 steps I take. If I want a ride, I know how to ask for one. And I love when I have to go to my Italian and make them believe that I speak no English.

  4. I found after living in Thailand for a while, if you look like you know what you’re doing, or where you’re going, they just don’t seem to bother you anymore.

    Knowing how to barter, especially in Thai helps a lot in getting the prices down, and eliminating the ‘tourist tax’

  5. I’ve been to Bangkok five times and it’s certainly not a relaxing place. You’re just dodging one thing after another, including the infamous pushy tuk-tuk drivers. It’s as though you have a big sign saying “sell something to me/take my money please”

    Travel+Leisure magazine likes it though, they’ve just listed it #1 in places to visit in the world for 2011!

  6. Unfortunately it is the same here in Vietnam and Cambodia. I’ve been tempted to get one of those shirts that say “No Thanks, No Tuk Tuk” 🙂

    1. i hear ya Jarmo, think it’s a SEA thing :S One of the few things i’ll be happy to see the back of when i leave

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