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Japan is a truly incredible country with so many different experiences to offer, cultures to learn about and natural beauty to enjoy. Knowing when is the best time to visit Japan will come down to what you are looking to get out of a trip to the Asian nation. To help you plan your trip so that you can visit at the optimum time, here is a quick guide to when you should be looking at booking your trip to the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossom season in Japan draws hundreds of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists to the country’s cities, to enjoy the sprouting of these glorious pink blooms. The blossoms can be seen between March and May and also between September and November. During these seasons you can count on getting some great views of these beautiful trees, which perfectly contrast with their urban surroundings. A word of warning however is that these seasons are also the busiest across the country.


The climate really varies in Japan from month to month so it is important to be forewarned about what kind of climate you can expect. For example the rainy season lasts between the end of May and the beginning of July, during which time most afternoons see a heavy downpour. Between June and August the weather can be both hot and humid in the country’s main cities which is why many prefer to visit between August and October for milder conditions.

Outdoor Lovers

June to August gets very hot in urban areas but if you are looking to enjoy some outdoors pursuits in Japan then these can be some of the best months to visit. Across the Japanese Alps and wild national parks like those found in Hokkaido, the weather is cool and and perfect for getting active.

National Holidays

It is important that you bear in mind the national holidays in Japan as these are very busy weekends which you may wish to avoid. Obon takes place in mid-July and mid-August depending on where you are going, Golden Week is between April 29 and May 5th, and Japanese New Year (Shogatsu) takes place on the 31st of December like in many other cultures.

Staying Cool

If you want to go skiing in Japan then the best time to head to the north is rom December to February, right in the thick of winter. During this time you can expect some dark days, thick snowfall and high quality skiing. The locals are always sure to brighten up the days with their many festivals and colorful events which take place during these months.

These are all things which you need to consider before booking your trip to Japan and as aforementioned, it will very much depend on what you want to see and do during your time here, as to when you decide to visit. Plan well and you can ensure that you have the most incredible time here in Japan.



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