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A New Travel Guide App

As a professional traveler I know that there are 3 main things that affect the travel experience: where you are traveling to, who you are traveling with (or without) and what gear you use. Before 2007 gear usually referred to your hiking shoes, your special weather gear and your travel guides and maps. But in Continue Reading »

I’m A Self-Confessed Flash Packer! 5 Pieces of Tech I travel With…

As I write article after article on my laptop, and snap away with my SLR camera it dawned on me that over the years of backpacking around the world I’ve slowly developed into a fully=fledged flashpacker. If you’re not familiar with that term is basically refers to ‘backpackers’ who carry expensive equipment while they gallivant Continue Reading »

Top 10 Travel Apps For Iphones and Smartphones

Remember when you took that first grainy photo on your camera phone in 2004 and it blew your mind? Those were the days, sort of. Well we’ve moved on since then, so jump on the technology train, grab your smart phone and download this 10 badboys before you hit the road, traveling has never been Continue Reading »

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