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As I write article after article on my laptop, and snap away with my SLR camera it dawned on me that over the years of backpacking around the world I’ve slowly developed into a fully=fledged flashpacker. If you’re not familiar with that term is basically refers to ‘backpackers’ who carry expensive equipment while they gallivant around the world. It carries negative connotation but, in my opinion, unfairly so.

I thought I’d cleanse my backpacking soul with a confession today! Here is the tech that I travel with:


1)   Macbook Pro 13”:

My baby, I don’t leave home without it! I’ve always been a macman, but after my last macbook got run over on the way to Swaziland I was due an upgrade, so I bought the brand new model in Bangkok about 6 months ago. I do all my blogging for my travel sites online and generate all my income online so it’s really necessary that I have my baby with me!

traveling with a laptop 2)   Iphone 4S:

Another new purchase. I had an Iphone 3GS but after a rather drunken night in Bangkok, that went missing so it was time for a new one. I waited until it was released in Thailand and then queued up like a lunatic on Christmas eve for it. I love it, it picks up wifi when you’re on the road, I can blog from it with the wordpress app, google maps is a Godsend, I’m quick to reply to advertisers etc. With all the travel apps available, my Iphone is quickly becoming as indispensible as my macbook.

traveling with iphone 3)   Kindle

Gone are the days of my lugging around 5 traveling books in my backpack, the kindle has redesigned that. With books available at the click of a button and a 40 day battery life I’m loving having my kindle on this trip. That being said, I still prefer a physical Lonely Planet to flick through too.

traveling with a kindle
A kindle is awesome, but i’m still loyal to my lonely planet!

4)   DSLR

While I’m certainly no photographer, getting a digital SLR camera has allowed to me snap a few better pics. I have a bottom of the range Olympus (about $400) which im trying to learn how to use, with the help of travel friends along the way, and it’s a steep learning curve! However, it’s a means to an end and I look forward to wowing everyone with my pics in the not too distant future!  

traveling with an slr

5)   Samsung 1TB external hard drive

Being a movie buffs, and backpacking up my pics and articles, traveling without an external hardrive is an impossibility for me. I bought this one about 2 years ago on London for about $100 and it’s a beauty. Having so many HBO series and movies on my hardrive also helps keep me out of trouble in the evenings when the booze would otherwise be flowing!


That’s my lot folks. I have a couple of cheap chinese card readers, a host of chargers and adapters too but they don’t make the list. I know it’s a bit stressful carrying so much expensive gear but if you can deal with the hassle, it certainly adds a lot to  your trip. If I was going on a short trip, which I generally never do, I probably wouldn’t bother with all this, but living life on the road – it’s a necessity. Happy travels!

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21 thoughts on “I’m A Self-Confessed Flash Packer! 5 Pieces of Tech I travel With…

  1. Torn between the new Macbook Air (13″) vs the Macbook Pro (13″) – won’t be doing TOO much video editing, love the weight savings and battery life of Mac Air… anyone have strong opinions one way or the other? (will be traveling with 40L or less and running a few online businesses)

  2. Found your website via Don’t Stop Living. I must say I am impressed by it, as well as your travels!

    WRT to photography, I just picked up a copy of Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography. It’s written by Richard l’Anson, who has been a travelling photo journalist for the past 30 years or so. Some great stuff in there, so might be worth a read if you have not already picked this up.

  3. Have you used a solar charger, on my way to EBC and want to be able to keep equipment alive (phone,LT and SLR )….or do you recommend Tea House charging?

  4. It’s not really an expensive bit of gear, but the last few trips away I’ve taken a beard trimmer – I’d rather not have to shave when I’m on holidys, but I don’t want the stubble to get too out of control so the trimmer is a nice compromise

  5. Question for you, what do you typically do for security of your expensive gear? Do you carry it around with you in your day pack?

  6. My bag contains more gadgets than clothes. Seriously. LOL. 🙂 It’s not always about the camera, SLR or not. It’s how you see the view/object/people and how you photograph them. 🙂 An SLR can be heavy to carry around, including the lenses and a tripod! Iphone 4s is a life saver 🙂

  7. I don’t think I can blog without my macbook either! I still prefer physical books though (despite jeopardizing luggage size)…it makes it easier to swap books with other travellers 🙂

  8. I’m a self confessed flashpacker too. On my first big trip I left home with just the basics and a cheap point-and-shoot camera but the more I travel the more my life of flashpacker equipment does too. I’m sure it’s meant to be the other way round!

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