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Surfing in Hawaii: A Beginner’s Guide

Hawaii is a surfer’s wet dream. It’s golden sand and babe-jammed beaches are pounded by waves of epic proportions all year round and from all directions. There’s no such thing as ‘off-season’ – the end of one merely signals the start of another, the only thing changing being the side of the island with the Continue Reading »

Once In A Lifetime Experiences

The United States presents people with tons of opportunities for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. As you travel around the country, you will find many things to do throughout the year that will give you memories that last the rest of your life. For film buffs, check out the many film festivals across the country. Sports fans can Continue Reading »

4 of the Best Ski Resorts in Canada

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Home to the colossal Rocky Mountain Range, it’s no surprise that the ski resorts of Canada are among the best in the world. But this vast expanse of land sees its world renowned ski destinations stretch right across the country, from Banff National Park in the west, to Mont Tremblant in the east. The choice is endless Continue Reading »

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