Tuesday Travel Rants: Sweating it Up

I remember being a little kid, watching movies of dudes out jogging, sweat patches on their back and under their arms, and I sat there thinking that’s pretty cool. It was manly, powerful, a show of strength.


sweating when you travelNow I wish those patches would just f*ck off. Laundry is difficult enough on the road without drenching each and every shirt you put it on. I’m sure you guys know what I’m talking about. No air con in your hotel room, 35 degrees outside, hot chicks everywhere and there you are trying to look cool as beads of sweat drip down your back. Classy.


Where the manliness power now? I look more like a kiddy fiddler than stand-up guy. And whats with the locals? No deodorant, no air con and they’re bone dry, I know they grew up here but Jesus throw me a fricken bone here. And you traveling girls? You seem to deal with it pretty well too. Leaving us guys, in clammy, wet shirts, failing to look cool, with a bag full of stinking tshirts, and no laundry services for weeks. Can’t wait to choose which shirt to rewear tomorrow. Not. Oh and its 36 degrees in Macedonia now. Wonderful. As another bead of sweat hits the keyboard.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Travel Rants: Sweating it Up

  1. Julie

    It doesn’t stop you sweating, but stops/helps with smell- my partner shaves his armpits. It makes a lot of difference, and some people even stain their shirts with sweat. Shaving helps. And it feels damn nice! You don’t have to shave every day, but depending on how hairy you are, twice or so a week should do the trick. Personally, I don’t smell much regardless of weather (though I do sweat if it’s hot or I’m active), but I’ve started using this coconut natural deodorant and it’s great cause it’s not scented. You don’t smell. Like anything. It doesn’t clash with cologne and it doesn’t mess you up (personally I find my armpits get irritated easily).

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  3. Bfaneyte

    For this problem I suggest you use a product called Drysol. I live in the Dominican Republic, where it’s extremely hot and humid, and this product works amazingly, I don’t get to sweat under my arms anymore. I’m not sure if it is harmful or not, but I bought it in a local drugstore and it really solved my problem. Hope you can find it wherever you are!

  4. Erica

    Try using some talcum powder.

    Also, apparently you have never seen me in Japan in the summer.
    It’s not pretty. I don’t allow photos.
    Seattleites should not be exposed to anything above 80F, no humidity.

  5. Mike

    Man I know what you mean. It must be a guy thing. We have three sons and they all have the same issue as I do. I sweat like a damn pig and have large wet pits when it gets above 70 degrees. Drives me crazy. I try to wear undershirts to absorb some of the perspiration, but it just makes me hotter! If you find a solution please publish it!!!


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