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If you read my damning report on Budva yesterday you could be forgiven for thinking that I don’t rate Montenegro as a great backpacking spot, but you’d be wrong. It’s one of the most gorgeous countries I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting and I’m already itching to go back.

Traveling in Montenegro

So don’t let Budva’s downright ugliness taint your opinion of Montenegro. Montenegro has so much to offer, and a week backpacking around here will leave you with some of the most amazing pictures you’ve ever seen,


I stretched the budget a little bit when I was here actually and rented a car, if you’ve got the budget I would look at a Tivat airport transfer when you arrive to make things easier. The public transport is pretty pricey and if there are 2 or more people a car rental will be a similar price with all the freedom that a car brings, and you won’t be on a horrible tour group!


When you come to Montenegro make sure you don’t miss any of following, they’re all awesome:


1)   Kotor:

If you believe in symmetry, which I do, this is the cheese to Budva’s chalk. Kotor is a beautiful UNESCO town, with a charming old town and a bustling harbor. You can climb almost 1500 steps to the fortress over looking the town too, although that seemed a step to far for me in the 35 degree hear. Kotor has got so much character, use this as your base as you explore the country, you won’t regret it.  

Kotor Montenegro

2)   Perast:

For me this is everything I had hoped Montenegro would be. Another UNESCO town, the population is probably less than 500 people and the town is closed to cars. It’s only maybe 10km from Kotor but it’s a different world, slow, sleepy and beautiful.  Out in the water you can see two tiny islands St George and Our Lady of the Rock, where you can take boat trips out to. This is Balkan paradise. There is one area to swim, complete with a low-key beach bar, and perhaps a couple of dozen other swimmers. My favourite place in Montengro, hands down.

Perast Montenegro 

3)   Cetinje:

This is where you earn your backpacking culture badges. It’s just over the mountain range that lurks behind Kotor and Perast, Cetinje was the former capital of Montenegro. Head to the main square and check out King Nikola’s former place, now a museum – the square is full of museums and churches actually, it’s nice to walk around.

  Cetinje Montenegro

4)   Lovcen National Park and Njegos Mausoleum:

This is an ABSOLUTE must see when you’re in Montengro. The national park is about a 40 minute drive from Cetinje and is dominated my Mt Lovcen, all 1750m of it. The real reason to come here, aside from the nature, is Njegos Mausoleum which was built on the national parks second highest peak, Jezerski. You can drive up to the top but you’re still required to climb the final 461 step yourself, once at the top you’re rewarded with views of up to 80% of the entire country on a clear day, it’s spectacular. The tomb is intriguing too, built within the mountain in cold marble.

Lovcen National Park 

Lovcen National Park Mausoleum

5)   The Ostrog Monastery:

The Ostrog Monastery is in central Montenegro, about a 3 hour drive from Kotor, Budva etc. I rented a car to get here and it was much faster (and cheaper) although the final road up to the monastery is rife with sheer drops and bumpy roads! The monastery is like a Balkan Petra, really it’s almost that impressive. Built into the cliff, almost 1 kilometre up from the valley, I have no idea how it was built, but it’s pretty bloody cool. If you don’t wanna drive you can take a tour from the tourist towns for around 30 Euro ($36).

Ostrog Monastery

Ostrog Monastery, Montenegro

6)   Sveti Stefan:

Only 15 mins from Budva, Sveti Stefan is often the postcard pic for Montenegro. The old town is built on an island 30m from the shore but since 2008 the island was ‘bought’ by an upmarket hotel (rooms start at $1000 per night, beach is $65 for usage!). So it’s now closed to the public, unbelievable actually. Still, you can snap away for free and I can’t deny how impressive it is. The ‘free’ beach beside the hotel beach is pretty nice too, especially if you’re there before 9am.

Sveti Stefan Beach

I’m sitting on the bus at the mo, on the way to Dubrovnik and it’s with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to Montenegro. I could have happily lounged around the old towns of Kotor and Perast for days on end but alas, that’s the life of a backpacker. Happy travels!


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26 thoughts on “6 AMAZING Places to Visit in Montenegro, the Most Beautiful Country in The Balkans

  1. Well, this is a great article for those who want to travel the world. I just love this post and going to share this with my friends. Yes, a single pack with huge info.

  2. So, it’s almost seven and a half years since you trashed poor Budva, but I would recommend a visit here in February. Beautiful weather, beautiful old town and the people are lovely. We’ve been here for ten days and have another two weeks here. Loving our time here!

  3. Nice! But you should take also a look at the southern part, from Bar to Ulcinj. No mass-tourism and a really nice area.

  4. I wish there would be more flights to Montenegro from Poland :/ by car its more than 15 hours… Best connections is from Berlin… eh..

  5. Cheers for the great post. A few extra spots off than the typical tourist destination sites are providing. Heading to Montenegro in a week or so as we make our way from Dubrovnik to Athens and this has been very helpful in deciding on an itinerary.

  6. Great post, just wondering how much and how long it took to go from Kotor to Dubrovnik? Currently planning to go along the coast in August 🙂 thanks

  7. Hi Johny. I am so glad you liked my country. Couldn agree more about Perast, such a lovely place. And Lovćen – man I am amazed every time I go there… Too bad you didnt have much time to explore the northern part of Montenegro. The canyon of Tara river is the second deepest canyon in the world, the depest is Grand canyon in USA. Tara rafting tour is amazing in summer. Real men do it in winter lol :).. Navidio canyon (it is named like this cuz you barely can see the sun most of the time) iz amazing. Number one atraction in MOntenegro if you ask me. The canyon is so narrow, the water is cold and you can drink it. You have to jump, swim dive, climp..

    Anyway, thanks for writing this beautiful article about my coutry and promoting it. WIsh you all the best,


  8. I’m going to Croatia this summer, I’m also planning a trip in Montenegro so thanks for this list. I just heard of bay of Kotor so now I want to see more of Montenegro.

  9. hi! your photos are amazing and have inspired me to make a trip to the balkans this summer. how did you get around these places in montenegro? do you start from Kotor on day 1 and travel day by day until Sveti Stefan or is picking a base and making day trips from there better?
    Do u also have a copy of your itinerary e.g. with accommodation and transportation links (bus or trains?). Thanks in advance!

    1. Thank you so much for the tips on your site, it made our family trip much more enjoyable and less time wasting. The trip to Lovecn National Park and Mausoleum was the highlight of our whole trip. We wanted to go rafting .. But that meant a very early start of the day to a very short stay in Montenegro … We rented a car and just drove there from Budva. Breathtaking and thank you again for the recommendation. I will surely check your site again for more tips on our next visit wherever it could be. Hoping it would be Spain next summer

  10. Generally speaking, the Balkans are a great tourist destination and, in some cases , quite underestimated. I really hope I’ll get a chance to go to Montenegro some day!

  11. Also…what was your budget while you were there? Just wondering if it’s a budget backpacker friendly destination or not! Cheers.

  12. Wow! What a great post. Those photos you got are awesome. It really makes me want to go to that part of the world. For now, it’s Asia but in a year or so, who knows!
    Cheers, safe travels.

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