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Australia is most well-known for its sunshine, beach life and wildlife. Visitors to the country also enjoy the laid back atmosphere. But what about the buildings in Australia? As a relatively young country, in terms of development, great architecture is probably not one of the things that people first mention about Australia.


This does not mean that are not plenty of examples of great design about. Here are seven of our favourites, that you may want to check out for yourself.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is well-known the world over. It’s one of the most iconic symbols of Australia across the globe. Ironically, the structure was designed by an architect who was little known at the time; Jørn Utzon. His fame originated in the design of this architectural masterpiece. The Opera House has a magic that attracts top international performers. After a show, visitors can also enjoy its beautiful surroundings.

New Parliament House

If you visit the Australian capital Canberra, you cannot fail to be impressed by the design of Parliament House. The architecture of the building was a major achievement by Mitchell Giurgola and Thorpe. Of course, this is more than just a building. It’s the home of the Australian government; a fact which just adds to the interest of a visit.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

This restaurant in the cultural city of Melbourne, is a perfect reflection of the ethos of Heston Blumenthal. You enter the establishment through a concealed sliding panel and then get to relax and enjoy the sumptuous leather and velvet interior, while gazing out over the Yarra River. Just like Heston, the design by Bates Smart is exciting and original. The venue is listed as one of the best designed restaurants in Australia in this article on

Newman College

Walter Burley Griffin is a globally respected architect. He is well-known for his expert planning in Canberra. One of the best examples of his architectural talent is in a different Australian city; at Newman College, part of the University of Melbourne. The impressive reinforced concrete dome was an impressive achievement at the time of construction, being one of the largest and earliest examples of its kind.

High Court of Australia and National Gallery of Australia precinct

This is a relatively recent addition to the architecture of Canberra. The design for the high court was chosen during a competition in 1972. The competition was won by Edwards Madigan Torzillo & Briggs, with Christopher Kringas in charge of the team of designers. The position was taken by Hans Marelli, after the death of Kringas, while the project was still being completed.

Shine Dome

The Shine Dome is a famous feature of the Canberra skyline and is related to famous Australian scientists. Hardly surprising, as it forms part of the Australian Academy of Science. It’s an excellent example of structuralist architecture and features on many a tourist photograph of the city.

Sidney Myer Musical Bowl

This is a venue which is not just famed for its unique and interesting design. It was the first venue that was purpose built for outdoor events in the city of Melbourne. The Sidney Myer Musical Bowl first opened in 1959, and continues to play host to a variety of events to this day.

All of these venues represent some of the very best features of Australian architecture. If you have not visited them yet, you should certainly think about doing so in the future.



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