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Berlin is the city you want to visit, so the fact that you are reading this is the first and best step you will take in making a journey to this magical city. To find a great place to stay you should have a look at some apartments from HouseTrip. So you have your holiday rental in Berlin figured out and you are settling in, but what should you do next? Read on to find about some things that you can experience in Berlin that you will never forget


The East Side Gallery

This is the longest remaining part of the Berlin wall that is still in existence and is covered with graffiti art from various international artists and is well known for the Bruderkuss, which is a famous image of Erich Honecker (the leader of the German Democratic Republic) and Leonid Breschnew (general secretary of the Soviet Union) kissing in a traditional socialist way.


Tempelhofer Feld

Tempelhofer Feld or Tempelhof Airport, as it is also known is a former airport that lies only a few kilometres south of the very centre of Berlin. It was closed down and now exists as a public park, with all the buildings still intact. This is a fantastic place to sit and drink a beer in summer or bring a sled in the snow in winter!


The Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburger Tor (gate in German!) is possibly the most important monument in all of Germany, particularly as it was known as a symbol of division during the separation of Germany, because it was just behind the Berlin wall and could be seen by those on both sides. It is now naturally seen as a symbol of unity in Germany and represents the old divide of the country that one can freely pass through (the gate is open to all foot traffic at all times). The Brandenburg Gate is a definite must see in Berlin.


Go to a club

Berlin is world famous for its diverse nightlife, to put it simply there are just so many places to go out and it doesn’t matter what type of person you are, because there is a place to suit you. From shabby chic candle lit bars and pubs to blasting techno clubs, there is a place for you to feel at home here. One of the most famous clubs in definitely Berghain and it is known as the Mecca of techno, with one of the best and most expensive sound systems in the world. The door policy is a total mystery to all people and only adds to exclusivity of the club, especially when you see things like men in suits dancing with punks inside!



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