The PERFECT 2 Day Singapore Itinerary & 10 (cheap!) Things to Do

I’m based in Thailand, so Singapore is right on my doorstep. Every time I need to leave Thailand, I often travel to Singapore for a weekend away. I know now the perfect 2 day Singapore Itinerary, so let me help you with your trip!

I hate checking blogs for help and they talk too much so don’t worry, I’ll keep it simple, so you can enjoy your tour to Singapore, and lean on my itinerary to help you. First I’ll lay out the 5 things to do in Singapore that you can’t miss, then a more detailed step-by-step Singapore itinerary. Check it out. 

Singapore Itinerary
2 Day Singapore Itinerary

10 Things to Do & Places To Go in Singapore

Before I lay out my step-by-step Singapore Itinerary, let me list the places to go in Singapore during your visit. I know some people like to create their own itineraries (me too!) so knock yourself out. Just don’t miss these if you want to consider yourself as someone who has seen Singapore.

Singapore is such an exciting place, and can be super busy! More importantly, I highly recommend booking your tickets online, you can skip the queues, save money and save time by getting it done online first. I’ve included links where you can buy the discount tickets each time.

  1. Gardens By The Bay (Don’t miss the double helix bridge and the Supertree groove)
  2. The Merlion (Make sure you take the iconic photo!)
  3. Clarke Quay (Great area to eat and drink, go in the evening for a party)
  4. The Singapore Flyer (Singapore’s London Eye, great views of the city)
  5. Orchard Road (Why Singapore is famous for shopping)
  6. Haji Lane and the Muslim Quarter (Beautiful architecture, feels like you’re in the middle east)
  7. China Town (The chaos of south-east Asia, mixed with the development of Singapore, perfection)
  8. Little India (colourful buildings to make your heart happy)
  9. Have a Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel (Where the cocktail was invented!)
  10. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (Singapore’s most beautiful temple)


Special shootouts to Sentosa Island (home to Singapore’s beaches, and Universal studios – discounted tickets for Universal Studios Here etc), and the Singapore Botanical Gardens (they’ve done them so well, even if it’s not your thing!). So if you have time, more than 2 days in Singapore perhaps, then add these guys to your Singapore Itinerary too.  

I’ve added all the links for you guys to book everything you need skip queues, save time and money. If I forgot to add any links, or if you want to do any other activities in Singapore, you can find them all here:


NOTE: If you need to get to Singapore overland from anywhere in Malaysia, (Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, Melaka to Singapore, Ipod, Penang, anywhere!) you can book it online here

2 Day Singapore Itinerary

There are loads of places to stay in Singapore, ranging from hostels at $15 or so, to high-end hotels at $500+ per night. I stayed at the Grand Hyatt last time, and it was beautiful, but Singapore is small so it’s easy to get around from anywhere, don’t overthink your accommodation choice. Let’s get started on your Singapore Itinerary:

Singapore Itinerary Day 1

Getting around Singapore is really easy. You can hop on their cheap MRT train, or you can use taxis, or if you’re like me, you can actually walk this 2 day itinerary. Day 1 is just 6km (90 minutes or so walking in total) and day 3 would be 10km, about 2 hours walking. My times on the Singapore Itinerary are just guides, you may be slower or fast. 


You’ve had brekkie at your hotel, so let’s get started on Day 1. We’re heading first to the Merlion, the Icon of Singapore. It’s a nice start to the day as there is no ticket to see the Merlion, so (If you take the MRT to get here, go Raffles Place stop, and take Exit B, a few minutes walk from there). From the Merlion Statue, you have a gorgeous view of the Marina Bay Sands hotel (the tall one with the boat on top), and the Marina Bay Promenade is a great place to soak up the skyline, and appreciate Singapore. Grab a coffee, and take the cheesy photo of the Merlion water going into your mouth (you know you wanna!)

Singapore Itinerary
Singapore Itinerary; The Merlion


Walk from the Merlion to the Marina Bay Sands hotel. The short walk is beautiful, and you’ll be stunned by how impressive the Marina Bay Sands is. The famous infinity pool is not available for non-guests. but don’t worry, you can buy a ticket for the Sands SkyPark public observation deck . The observation deck is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., or until 11 p.m. from Friday to Sunday. It’s about $18 for a ticket. 


Things to do in Singapore
Things to do in Singapore; Marina Bay Sands

Midday – 14.30pm: 

My favourite spot in all of Singapore. Gardens By the Bay! Home to the Cloud Forest, multiple level greenhouse with waterfalls, and trees. There’s nothing like it anywhere else in the world. Then go outside on the walkways and see the crazy artificial Baobab trees. The whole place is a tribute to Singapore’s development. Unbelievable. The grounds are quite big, so allocate a couple of hours, you can also have lunch here too.


singapore 2 days
Singapore in 2 days? Gardens By The Bay

14.30 – 16.30PM:

Back on your feet! Walk across the futuristic double-helix bridge and make your way to the Singapore Flyer. Another icon of the Singaporean Skyline. Book a ticket in advance to skip the queue, and hop on board. 

Singapore 2 day Itinerary
Singapore 2 day Itinerary; Singapore Flyer
Places to go Singapore
Places to go Singapore; The double helix bridge singapore


Singapore Sling time! One last 5-minute walk and you’ll find yourself at Raffles Hotel. Home to where the Singapore Sling was invented. Take a seat at the famous Long Bar, dodge the peanut husks on the floor, and order a well deserved (and perhaps slightly overpriced) Singapore Sling, or 3. Then back to your hotel to recover for tomorrow! 

2 days Itinerary Singapore
2 days Itinerary Singapore; The Long Bar


Dinner time. Forget your fancy restaurants, you HAVE to eat at a Hawker Centre, Singapore’s famous food centres. 5 minute walk from the Long Bar is Albert Centre Market. Local, delicious and cheap. Enjoy! Day 1 is done and dusted. A better option for dinner is to go to the Michelin star ‘chicken rice’ local place, you can book that here, not cheap at $100 but a great experience

Day 1 Singapore Itinerary Walking Map (hope this helps!)



Singapore Itinerary Day 2

Yesterday was the iconic Singapore sights. Today is what makes Singapore, Singapore! The different sections of the cities, home to the various original movement of people when Singapore was established. Singapore is a shining beacon on immigration done right, so today you’ll get to see that in full flow.


First up, Orchard Road. Seen the movies ‘Crazy Rich Asians’? It’s based on Orchard road. 2.2km of shops, shopping malls, and spending! If you’re here to shop (like my girlfriend was!) this is your chance. It’s hard to allocate time for this in all honesty, some people spend literally the whole day here. I managed to drag my girl away after an hour and a half. Apparently the cosmetics are amazing here. Who knew?

Singapore Itinerary
Singapore Itinerary; Orchard Road

11.30 – 13.30:

You can walk, but I’d hop in an Uber for 5 minutes to Chinatown. This is Singapore before the modernisation, and it’s fascinating. Old Chinese hutongs, multiple level temples, Chinese lanterns, and noodles for days. Chinatown is also home to Singapore’s most beautiful temple, the Buddha’s Tooth Sacred Temple, so wonder over there when you’re in Chinatown. Admission to the temple and Saturday’s weekly-guided tours are free of charge (Yay!). 

TIP: If you feel more comfortable in these areas with a guide, for less than $20 you can have a private tour around Chinatown.

Things to see in Singapore
Things to see in Singapore; Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in China Town


Little India. Singapore is made up primarily through immigrants from the Muslim world, China, and India. So you have to make a stop in Little India during your 2 day Singapore Itinerary. If you’ve been to India, don’t’ expect this to be the same! It’s India, Singapore style. So beautiful buildings, great temples, delicious food, but plenty of space. 

TIP: If you feel more comfortable in these areas with a guide, for less than $20 you can have a private tour around Litte India.

Places to go in Singapore
Places to go in Singapore; Little India


From little India, you can easily walk to the next stop, Haji Lane. It’s the cutest street in the whole of Singapore, and it’s amidst the gorgeous Arab Town or Muslim Town. World Class Mosques (and Hummus) everywhere you look, but Haji lane is the jewel in the crown. Street art, bohemian cafes, insta-spots everywhere you look. Stop for a coffee and lap it up, the place is gorgeous. 

Singapore itinerary
Singapore itinerary; Haji Lane

16.30 onwards: 

Depending on how you feel, you can either go straight to Clarke Quay from Haji Lane, or back to the hotel to change, and then on to Clarke Quay. But Clarke Quay is the last stop on your 2 day Singapore Itinerary. If you go straight there around 5pm, you’re in time for happy hour drinks! It’s important because alcohol in Singapore is bloody expensive. Then find a spot to eat dinner there too, there are plenty of options (i mean plenty!).

The night can easily continue into the wee hours, it’s party-central down in Clarke Quay. If you really want to go wild on your last night, you can sign up to a pub crawl here. It’s crazy!

Singapore itinerary
Singapore itinerary; Finish it off with Clarke Quay!

Day 2 Singapore Itinerary Walking Map



NOTE: I recommend getting a taxi from Orchard Road to China Town in the morning, that’ll cut the walking down by 1/3 for the day.


Thoughts on places to go in Singapore, and the Singapore Itinerary?

There are lots of places to go in Singapore, but my 2 day Singapore Itinerary makes sure you hit all the main sites. If you have extra days, and need a 3 day Singapore Itinerary, my advice would be to use these first 2 days, and then on the 3rd day make your way to Sentosa Island. You can have a morning on the beach, take the Singapore cable car, and hit up Universal Studios (just make sure you buy the queue jump). 

singapore itinerary
Singapore itinerary; Day 3, head to Sentosa Island!

The Singapore Flyer: As Southeast Asia’s answer to the London Eye, this towering observation wheel is the world’s largest. The view high above Singapore is fantastic and unforgettable, and by some miracle the lines to ride are usually quite short.

The Double Helix Bridge at Marina Bay: A wholly-unique metallic sculpture masquerading as a suspension bridge, this massive intertwined dual structure features a built-in night lighting feature that converts the surrounding cityscape into a surreal flashing kaleidoscope at dusk (traversing the Double Helix Bridge on foot is highly recommended).

Singapore Botanic Gardens: Despite Singapore’s urban reputation, there are stunning green spaces everywhere in and around the city. This downtown retreat is an oasis of peace that brings tranquillity to visitors with its expansive flower gardens, elegant ponds, and sacred sculptures.

Chinatown Heritage Centre: Carefully recreating Singapore’s fascinating past, the Heritage Centre is a living, breathing retreat into antiquity, with intricately designed bedroom sets, authentic kitchens and living spaces, and vivid street scenes that bring the visitor back in time to  the old Chinese settlements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Clarke Quay Mall:

On the banks of the Singapore River, this lively and perpetually jumping 24-hour waterfront destination features numerous restaurants, clubs, wine bars, entertainment facilities, and high-end retail shops that cater to the tourist.

Haji Lane: This glittering avenue in the heart of the Muslim Quarter has been transformed into a sophisticated retail promenade that will utterly captivate fashion enthusiasts, window shoppers, and those who enjoy the finest in life.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple: Opened in 2008, this lush 5-storey Chinese-style place of worship does indeed house a tooth that is believed to have belonged to the Buddha himself, prominently displayed on a 420 kg. gold mound like structure called a stupa.

Little India: A buzzing, energetic neighbourhood of small shops, street vendors, Hindi music, pungent aromas, and restaurants serving the best Indian food found outside the Indian subcontinent.

The Restaurants: Experiencing Singapore means savouring its food, which is as varied as it is delicious. The culinary arts are practiced with peak efficiency here, so rather than trying to select one establishment we will instead offer the names of several elite restaurants that will astound your palate:

  • Waku Ghin
  • Les Amis
  • Iggy’s
  • Restaurant Andre
  • Tippling Club
  • JAAN

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